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Regime Speak and Narrative Control Terms

One of the most critical parts of controlling a populace is controlling their information; ensuring that you control everything they see, hear and read. I’m sure you can think of several countries’ governments doing this, through blocking large portions of the internet or even criminalizing thoughts and writings that go outside of the allowed regime-speak.

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How to Do a Critical Information Analysis, Part 4

It’s not enough to know what your critical information is, or who wants it. It’s not even enough to look at how they could get it; although all of those are important parts of the process, they’re not complete. There are two more steps to go, and the next one answers the question “What is the risk of them getting the information?”

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Goat Math: Becoming Dairy Sustainable

For many of us, “milk” means “cow milk” by default, and the idea of drinking goat milk sounds a bit…third world-ish. The truth, however, is that we were all wrong. Setting up to produce a bit of goat milk on your homestead is one of the best decisions you’ll make.

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