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Concerned American

A firestarter of the highest order.

Concerned American is doing his best to redeem what he and his fellow Boomers allowed to happen in the country of their birth. A native Westerner, he was raised in the farm country of the American northeast, where he enjoyed the last gasps of freedom allowed to children of the Sixties and Seventies. After (barely) graduating from high school, he conducted several years of intensive ethanol and ditchweed dosing experiments in an accelerated debauchery curriculum. A passing moment of clarity led to an accounting degree, a law degree, a brief but exciting career as a high-level narcotics prosecutor, and an eventual dungeon in the bowels of corporate America.

CA and other patriots founded the Appleseed basic rifle markmanship program in 2005-2006; no records remain of those efforts. Disgruntled, he started the Western Rifle Shooters Association blog in 2007; the original Blogspot version of the WRSA blog is still available. WRSA’s current address is now at CA can also be found on Twitter at @WRSABlog and on Gab at @WRSA. He enjoys both creamed and pickled herring, immature behavior, and chaotic thought patterns, and is also on probation at The American Partisan pending compliance with his promise never to use a certain picture of Hillary Clinton in any of his AP posts.

What Works?

Part of the answer to the question of what does work, is speaking truthfully about what hasn’t worked.

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Fifteen Years Of Failure – Or Not

Fifteen years ago, I drove a long way to nowhere in a little town in central North Carolina and told the proprietor that I was there to learn how to shoot and to save America. I actually believed such a thing as “saving America” was possible back then.

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Life Rationing

  IBD: Single Payer And The Alfie Evans Nightmare Go Hand In Hand The government - be it US, UK, or any other - has every reason to limit medical care under a national health plan. They want you healthy. Or dead. Anything else costs the "Plan" money. And that's before...

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Iran: What Did You Expect?

WaPo: Israel says it holds a trove of documents from Iran’s secret nuclear weapons archive Now for the harder part: To what extent, if any, are the short and medium-term interests of the traditional American people implicated by the fact of Iranian breaches of a...

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