DTG is a retired USAF Senior NCO who currently teaches survival skills, marksmanship, and consults on other interesting subjects to like-minded people in his spare time.

He’s an avid student of history, and enjoys running Defensive Training Group, a well-known, longtime blog.

He also believes each American will face a test of epic proportions in the near future, and the final exam encountered will not allow any ‘do-overs.’  His philosophy on preparedness and training can be summed up with the oft used catch phrase, ‘there are no victims, only volunteers.’

Practical AR Enhancements That Work

It doesn’t cost an awful lot to make an AR that shoots good into an AR that shoots great and is easier to maintain. It’s all about priorities. These upgrades can help!

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Preparedness Basics: Water

Got water? You can live a lot longer without food than you can without water. If you’ve not planned on how to keep you and your family hydrated during any emergency situation, you’re asking for disaster.

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Preparing for a Worst Case Scenario: The 10-Week Plan, Part 2

Time is growing shorter every day; world events impact the availability of items you need for long term preparedness, and you only have so much disposable income. Prices are rising, and will rise higher as soon as anything occurs that worries the mass of consumers just like you who are waking up. You’ve got a lot of work to do.

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