DTG is a retired USAF Senior NCO who currently teaches survival skills, marksmanship, and consults on other interesting subjects to like-minded people in his spare time.

He’s an avid student of history, and enjoys running Defensive Training Group, a well-known, longtime blog.

He also believes each American will face a test of epic proportions in the near future, and the final exam encountered will not allow any ‘do-overs.’  His philosophy on preparedness and training can be summed up with the oft used catch phrase, ‘there are no victims, only volunteers.’

General Purpose Load Outs – Pt III

Parts 1 & II On this installment, we'll look at what would be Level III, or the 'Existence Load.'  Please note that brands are not what is being recommended here (everyone seems to have their own favorites); only the category/type of item, as they're what's.  For...

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General Purpose Gear Load Outs – Pt II

Gear Layering What is gear layering? As described in other posts from authors here on American Partisan, gear layering is arranging equipment in lines, layers, and levels, to achieve the same thing. It is a technique for prioritizing the carriage of the most essential...

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General Purpose Gear Load Outs

Part 1: Load Bearing Equipment (LBE) Selection There are many gear options out there today for one’s fighting load and sustainment ruck. As our overall goal is to show the NPT how to protect their neighborhood in the event of disaster, we want to do this as...

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UPDATE: Beretta M9 Upgrades – Superb ROI!

See this post for background on my M9. So, after yet another range session and very good results with the M9, this time out to 50 meters, I was doing some reading to see if there were any internal parts upgrades available.  Apparently, not having a M9 for several...

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Product Review: Nikwax Cotton Proof

I've used this product in all seasons, hot, wet, and cold.  Still have enough left in the large container to either re-impregnate the items below or to put in a few other things. Survival Smock  M-65 Field Jacket 2 Pr BDU pants 2 Winter Camouflage Over Jackets 1 Pr...

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The Foxfire Series – An Introduction

While many in the prepper world have heard of this amazing book series (here on AP in this post), many times more folks have not!  In fact, I'd venture that there are literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who are concerned about possible hard...

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