Kit Perez

Counterintelligence, Privacy, and Tech

Kit Perez is the co-author of Basics of Resistance: The Practical Freedomista, Book I, a primer on resistance methods. She’s also a counterintelligence and statement analyst, as well as a longtime political writer on national security, intelligence and privacy/tech topics. She holds a BA in Counterintelligence, a Masters in Intelligence Studies, and specializes in deception detection, HUMINT, and digital surveillance issues. She has written two academic papers on an original concept called MXINT, a hybrid form of intelligence that merges aircraft system data with ‘soft’ data gained from personal interaction with airlines; MXINT predicts when and what maintenance issues can be expected on a commercial aircraft. An advanced form of MXINT is in development and use today.

After nearly a decade in Seattle, Kit packed up and walked away from her corporate life, choosing instead to move to the American Redoubt. Living in the mountains of western Montana, Kit and her gunsmith husband have a small homestead, where they raise a variety of farm animals, grow their own food, and work toward total sustainability.

Kit composes for piano and violin in her spare time.

Intel Tools Review: Buscador Investigative Operating System

If you do any kind of information digging or intelligence processing (and you most definitely should be), then you may have wondered if there are tools out there to make things a bit easier, such as software that collates the info, organizes it, or helps you make decisions based upon the information. The short answer is yes…and no.

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How to Do a Critical Information Analysis, Part I

OPSEC, or operations security, isn’t just about hiding secret squirrel stuff. It’s a logical, usually sequential process that determines what needs to be protected, why, and from whom, and it outlines a plan for you to mitigate the risk of them getting a hold of it.

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