When the AP cabal first began discussions a few months ago, I mentioned that my overt activism was approaching an anniversary on Independence Day. Fifteen years ago, I drove a long way to nowhere in a little town in central North Carolina and told the proprietor that I was there to learn how to shoot and to save America.

Good news?

I did learn to shoot competently – at times.

Bad news?

Sadly, I actually believed such a thing as “saving America” was possible back then.

Youth, even aging youth, is capable of hope far out of proportion to the body of evidence and experience to the contrary.

Fifteen years on, I have learned how to tamp down my heart and focus on reality, no matter how painful that process is.

Here’s what I believe today:

– Western Civilization in its modern edition reached its apogee somewhere in the years 1965-1970.

– Even then, the bacilli of unreason, envy, and stone Evil were beginning to course through the veins of everyone alive at that time.

– The actual “America” of the Founders’ imaginings died only a few years after the cessation of the American War of Independence, with the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the deployment of American troops against some nominally-rebellious moonshiners in western Pennsylvania.

– Abraham Lincoln’s war to inflict centralized control over each state and its citizens succeeded in destroying even a fleeting chance of a truly Federal government of limited powers under the USC/BoR.

– The rise of imperial America, first in the wake of the Spanish-American War and then expanding exponentially after the First and Second World Wars, means that any hope of “restoring the Constitution” is about as likely as “reforming Islam” or “achieving equality”.

– Imperial America’s victory over the Soviet Union, while infinitely preferable to the alternative, gave substance to the globalist – American and otherwise – view of “the one indispensable nation”, to whom none of the old rules of international relations would, could, or should apply.

– The Marxist-Leninist countercultural assaults of the last fifty-plus years here in the former United States of America (“FUSA”) have only reinforced these negative trends, both by granting omnipotence to the State and by rendering eternal the grievances of those other than the hated white patriarchy.

– The birth-control pill empowered promiscuity by both men and women, with on-demand abortion making sure that all had some responsibility – whether active or passive – in the resulting murders of more than 50 million infants bloodily sacrificed on the altar of Self.

– The supposed “final guarantee” of American freedoms –- the Second Amendment – is routinely violated in jurisdictions across the land, with the vast majority of gun owners sitting inert, stupefied by a diet of processed foods, hundreds of channels of infotainment/sportsball video programming, and quiet despair at their own dimly-acknowledged impotence.

– The modern American State stands glowering over the entire world, morally and financially bankrupt, with its omnisurveillance machines recording all that is said, done, or written, confident in its ability to withstand or destroy by remote control whatever pittance of rebellion its pathetic citizens might be able to muster.

So why bother with a new talkshop like American Partisan?

1) In the immortal words of John Belushi’s character in Animal House, “Nothing is over until we say it’s over.”

2) Every day, more and more residents of FUSA gain new glimmers of the terminal nature of today’s world.

3) Those new resisters don’t have the time to make all of the mistakes that have been made over the past fifteen years, nor is there any net benefit in doing so.

4) That extended learning period has also brought together, in private and in public, people from across all walks of life who share a common worldview – or at least enough of one to work together on major projects.

5) I’ve been privileged to be asked by such a group if I would be willing to contribute here at AP.

6) We are here to help FUSAns move past the failures of “compassionate conservatism,” “hope and change,” and “making America great again.”

7) A Restoration is in order – of logic, facts, merit, hard work, charity, and civility.

8) Ultimately, something will replace the former USA. We are here to make sure that the replacement is actually better than the frothing clownshow being replaced.

9) Our success will be measured by how many of our readers start to use the tools we set forth here in their lives. AP is not another collection of elderly people typing on their keyboards, nursing a glass of anesthetic and mumbling about the old days. We encourage constructive feedback in our comments so as to avoid that fate.

10) Getting by and getting better – that’s why I am here. Or, as I saw on a old hippie’s car bumper a few years ago near a local hot springs:

“It’s not just about surviving the storm. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

Here’s to surviving the changes ahead.

Here’s to sharing what we each know to improve the chances of that – both for ourselves and our families.

And here’s to dancing in the rain.

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