Lee Zeldin (R-NY) introduced a resolution on Tuesday to open a second special counsel to “appoint a Special Counsel to investigate misconduct at the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation, including an investigation of abuse of the FISA warrant process, how and why the Hillary Clinton probe ended, and how and why the Donald Trump-Russia probe began.” Several members of the Freedom Caucus were at the press conference, including Mark Meadows and Louie Gohmert. The resolution lists Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Cheryl Mills, Andrew and Jill McCabe, State Department agents involved in Uranium One, the FBI and DOJ officials involved in the FISA warrant process, Daniel Richman, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok as potential suspects and persons of interest in the proposed second special counsel for misconduct, FISA abuse, and breaches of federal law.

The interesting thing about this resolution is that it names names, and specific events. While Obama himself avoided the list, the implication is that his Secretary of State, and a number of people with access to the White House knew and participated in an orchestrated attempt to subvert the political process of the 2016 election. His absence from the list is almost conspicuous, as it is nearly unbelievable a sitting president could be that unaware of his subordinates’ activities. Nevertheless, there at least seems to be a contingent of Republicans in Congress attempting to end the Mueller investigation and return fire. It is worth noting that Al Green and others have stated they will impeach Trump if the Democrats regain the House in 2018. The commitment of the left to overriding the will of the people and the entire electoral process is admirable, one can only hope the Republicans in Congress possess the same intestinal fortitude in supporting the call for a special counsel.

Whether the Republicans are serious about following through with this resolution is far from certain. The GOP is currently in the midst of a civil war between the two dominant factions and has thus far shown lackluster support for the president’s agenda. Should they do so given his growing political capital, the reaction from the left will be swift and loud. How far the reaction escalates is anyone’s guess, but it’s worth remembering Phil Mudd’s remarks that ‘the government is going to kill this guy,’ John Brennan’s veiled threat to Congress about ‘bearing major responsibility’ and James Clapper’s statement that Trump is an illegitimate president. Right now it is only words, but the statements certainly don’t leave much to the imagination. We believe this development bears watching.

What’s also notable is that this press conference was not specifically covered or broadcast by the mainstream media. The Hill mentioned the press conference, for instance, but there’s no link to watch it. Did no one film it? Obviously someone did, since the video is posted above. The problem, at least for the fifth column, is that Zeldin’s timeline makes sense. There’s a logical progression of events and connections and people; it’s not some conspiracy theory with a lot of “might haves” and “maybes.”

Of course, that did not stop the Democrats from doing what they do; namely, claim that it’s all a diversion. What should be noted, however, is the bigger picture. This is not about the GOP or the Democrats. It’s not even about whether Trump is diverting from Stormy Daniels or whatever else people think he’s diverting attention from.

Some will claim this is proof of QAnon’s veracity; surely, the argument will read, Zeldin and his cohorts are being protected by the forces of good. After all, the running joke about suicides and Hillary didn’t start in a vacuum. In order for these GOP Congressmen to be serious, they either need a guardian angel or insane levels of testicular fortitude. Maybe both.

Unless, of course, there’s another game at play. Maybe the Deep State is looking to foment the type of chaos that takes down countries. After all, how much instability can a system take?

Maybe the distraction is that the good guys are winning at all.


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