If you’re a Twitter user, you might already know that a bug in Twitter was exposed that stores passwords in a plaintext file. No one else got a hold of that list that they know of, so while it’s not some OMG crisis, it’s a good reason to do yet another password audit of not just Twitter, but all your accounts.

  1. Change your Twitter password now.
  2. If you were also using your Twitter password on other sites, change those passwords too. (But you weren’t, right? Because that would be stupid and lazy.)
  3. Check all your passwords to ensure they’re strong (if you don’t have a password manager, now’s a good time to get one).

You could also reassess your critical information, and decide if your current OPSEC plan is still working for you. Did you include too much information initially and are now finding that it’s too hard to handle it all? Did you not include enough things, and now see that you have vulnerabilities you didn’t realize at first? It’s always a good idea to periodically go over your critical info and see if you need to adjust what needs protecting. Remember–if everything is critical, then nothing is.

As for the Twitter thing…while you’re changing your password, check out Gab instead. It’s far better.

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