I don’t know about the “Alt-Right” label or the clothing advice, but I do know that this article gets to some essential aspects of what must be done.

Go read it, and then come back here.

Part of the answer to the title question is speaking truthfully about what hasn’t worked.

Here is a very short list; please add your favorite fails in comments:

1) The heresy of “equality”;

2) The rejection of merit in lieu of participation prizes for all;

3) The implicit abandonment of universal literacy and numeracy as an essential developmental goal;

4) The elevation of grievance over objective accomplishment;

5) The destruction of private property;

6) The celebration of armed theft by the peepul’s representatives (a/k/a “our democracy”) in furtherance of what is called “justice”, and

7) A political framework to which only lip service is paid, and that only in passing.

As the arguments for new structures continue to accelerate, a single set of questions must be posed – at a minimum – to each nascent plan:

  • Has your plan been attempted before?
  • What were the results, and what is the proof of your claims?
  • Is your plan consistent with the behaviors, motivations, and foibles of our species over the centuries?
  • Does it acknowledge the frailties of human beings, and does it seek to limit the damage from those weaknesses?
  • Does it celebrate merit, achievement, and moral good?

Utopias and utopians bring destruction.

Realism – and hard-hearted attention to the historical record – brings civilization.

What works?

And what do you want for your children?

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