If you haven’t reserved a seat at NCScout’s RTO class for Hamilton, MT on September 8-9, you may want to do that. Here’s what you’ll be learning:

  • Identifying Equipment Requirements
  • Writing a Signals Operating Index
  • PACE Planning for Communications
  • Basic equipment capabilities
  • Traffic handling
  • Improvised antenna types, uses and construction
  • Setting up and running an NVIS HF station
  • Message Formats
  • Setting up and communicating from a Hide site

Students will each build an antenna and demonstrate competency in team communications basics during the field exercise. Amateur Radio license qualification is helpful, but not required. This is NOT a ‘ham radio’ class but each student will come away with a basic understanding of a team’s communications needs in a tactical environment and how to best meet them under less-than-ideal circumstances. No equipment is required for this course; however, if students want to get field practice with their own gear, it is highly encouraged but done so at their own risk.

You can reserve a seat with a $50 deposit, via cash, check, or money order with the Payee left blank, to the following address:

610 N. 1st St. 5-209
Hamilton, MT 59840

Total class cost is $300. There are still a few seats left, and this is the first time this class has been openly offered in the western half of the US. Get it now while you can.

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