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No discussion on ‘non-survival knives’ would be complete without describing a couple of the offerings by Randall Made Knives that are really, the cream of the crop when it comes to quality in knives.  There are many knives out there just as good as a Randall, but few and far between can ever be classified as better.  So, in the last of this series I’ll talk about a two Randall Made Knives.  Most of their offerings are superb hybrid knives, meaning they are strong enough to be used for survival, attacking an enemy, and so on.  However, they only make a couple that are strictly ‘Non-Survival Knives’.

First up is the Randall Model 2, pictured above, that appears to be a Model 2-7 (the second number on Randall knives indicates blade length).  It comes in a variety of lengths, the shortest, with a 6 inch blade, can be used as a boot knife and will cut through as far as it goes, just as well as the longer versions.  The largest Model 2 sports an impressive 8 inch blade, and believe it or not, you really CAN notice the difference between the 7 and 8 inch models. As with all Randall Made Knives, there are options; basically, they’ll modify it any way you want, for a fee.  Which is nice, in these days of personalization.  The spine, or thickness of the blade on their larger knives is most always 1/4 inch, finished, with some vintage bowies (Smithsonian, Sportsman, and Confederate), topping out the spine thickness at 3/8 inches.  The modern ones, at least what I’ve seen are all 1/4 inch.

The Model 2 is basically a V-42/FS Commando on steroids.  The blade, made of 01 Tool or Stainless Steel (buyer’s option) is much more robust, and does have the necessary hollow grind for slicing through thick clothing, sinew, and muscle.  I’ve owned about a half dozen Randall’s in my time, and I’ve always coveted one of these fine attack tools, but not so much that I wanted to trade or sell my other Randalls.  It IS a superb knife though.  Remember, I’m a general purpose kind of a guy, and the Model 1, 14, 18, and 12-9 with a 14 grind is more my speed (and using the general purpose argument to secure said tools to one’s spousal unit undercuts the reasoning behind needing the attack version that has very few uses, other than ‘non-survival’ tasks.  Just sayin’….

Next is their, ‘Arkansas Toothpick,’ which is really a forthright dirk, with a maximum blade length of 12 inches.  Their smaller offering has a blade length of 6 inches.  There’s an old saying that applies to this knife:  “Go Big or Stay Home!”  If you’ve ever held one of these, you know what I’m talking about when I say it’s formidable!  Not really a ‘fast’ knife, compared to smaller, lighter knives, but I believe what it loses in speed it makes up for in psychological capitol.  Definitely fits the bill of a ‘non-survival’ knife.  One Hollywood use was by actor Sam Elliot, who shaves a would be robber’s mustache with it as a warning.

As you can see, decidedly not a survival knife.  Heh.

The other Randall’s I’ve mentioned above are more general purpose, but are popular in military circles (at least they were when I was in).  They can easily be pressed into the ‘non-survival’ mode if necessary, but are designed as field tools.

More on that in another post, depending on reader interest.

I’ve gotten feedback already about Ek knives and the ‘commando’ and FS Mk II Fighter.  I’ve never been a big fan of the Ek fighters – personal taste and all.  I do like their ‘bowie’, which will most likely be included in any future post on general purpose knives.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the series.


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