For it to be lawful, resistance must never be undertaken by private persons alone.  Instead, lawful resistance is carried out by lesser magistrates against greater magistrates to avoid anarchy.  Lesser magistrates derive their power from the people while greater magistrates derive it from lesser magistrates.  This is the summary of Protestant resistance theory formulated by Theodore Beza, Luther and many other Reformers in the 1500s.  The following are a series of case-studies on modern day forms of lawful resistance.

(h/t The Woodpile Report)  The state of Illinois is collapsing financially.  It owes its vendors in excess of $10 billion and has no money to pay its pension obligations.  Foolish state elected officials are floating every scheme under the sun to avoid the inevitable: declaring bankruptcy.  People are moving out in every direction.  The thing is, Illinois is a lot like California: there are a lot of decent, God-fearing people there.  Illinois is really the territory of the corrupt city-sanctuary-state of Chicago.  I have wondered for a long time why the rest of the state doesn’t secede or at least stop obeying Chicago.  I have to wonder no longer.  Second Amendment activists in the state have begun the basic process of resistance by creating sanctuary cities for gun owners.

Without gun sanctuary resolutions, these new state laws could take guns away from owners who need them: after all, people who believe in emergency preparedness and survival often purchase guns for protection. The sanctuary gun resolution is to protect homesteaders and those who believe in emergency preparedness from losing their second amendment rights.

It’s easy to understand how county officials feel the need to place the state on notice about restricting gun rights. These new Illinois laws could restrict someone who has a criminal record or history of violence, even if it was years and years ago, from owning a gun. They could have turned over a new leaf entirely and now want a gun simply for home protection or hunting, but the new laws would make that very difficult. It isn’t right to place a blanket ban on people because of some offense without looking at the circumstances surrounding the charge.

The article goes on to allude to the fact that these gun sanctuary city laws might not hold up to state law.  IT DOESN’T MATTER.  City leaders are perfectly justified in defying state law to allow their citizens to protect themselves.  The main duty of magistrates is to protect their citizens.  The state of Illinois sees its main duty as thievery and oppression.  Even if the sanctuary laws are struck down in court, city officials in these cities are obligated to resist them by saying, “We have no money to enforce these laws and our city police and county sheriffs will be directed not to enforce them.”

Law enforcement is in a sticky situation at this point.  Many of my friends are cops and I talk to them all the time about their jobs, which are fascinating.  The laws are made at the state level but they are enforced at the local level.  They ultimately decide whether to tell the DA to prosecute a case.  The DA is also a local elected official who derives his power from local voters.  The DA is another point of resistance to bad state law.

Another point of contention for police is that their pensions are often held in state funds.  As I will be exploring in upcoming articles, this arrangement is evaporating in most of these liberal, bankrupt states.  The states simply don’t have the money to pay the pensions.  Just as millions of private-sector pensions were substantially-reduced by the private-sector bankruptcies, so will public sector pensions be reduced by public-sector bankruptcies.  The point for all of us is to never let golden handcuffs keep us from doing the right thing.

This was one example how you might “shelter in place” by working on a local level to lawfully resist disasters at a state level.  Romans 13 is not an absolute command to obey robber-kings or let yourself be killed by your government.  The only absolute authority is God.  Lesser magistrates may oppose greater magistrates with the help of their people.  Private persons can help their local elected officials oppose tyranny while avoiding anarchy.

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