Last time I summarized Protestant resistance theory which is a Biblical, ethical framework for resisting tyrants.  To win on the moral and mental levels, we need ethics.  An excellent review of this topic is found in this Sunday school series.  In this article, we will look back in time to the origins of a Protestant group resisting tyranny today to understand the circumstances under which resistance theory was developed.  Then we will look at how this group is lawfully resisting now.  Both history and this modern example will sharpen our ability to apply resistance theory today.

In the 1300s and 1400s, European monarchs became more absolute and fought each other to the destruction of their realms and people, often displaying incredible greed, arrogance, avarice, ambition and incompetence.  People also became cynical about the Roman Catholic Church which always sided with the rich and fattened itself on lands and money from the poor.  Does this sound familiar?  By the 1500s, people were fed-up with both absolute monarchs and Church prelates but many monarchs and rulers were still colluding with Papist factions to shore-up their rule and plunder and murder their people and each-other.  Northern European Christians, with the help of Protestant Bible translators and the printing press,  were finally given Bibles in their own language and began reading them and knowing them.  Armed with this knowledge and new books on resistance – the most accessible of which is Beza’s De Jure Magistratuum – many concluded self-rule would be better than bad monarchy.  Indeed, the middle classes were already cooperating against their rulers to keep from dying by the sword, poverty, and famine.  French Protestants called Huguenots alternated between suffering, fighting for their freedom, and fleeing.  Many fled to the New World, some fled to Switzerland, England, and Germany, others fled to South Africa where they joined their Dutch and German Protestant brothers to eventually become Afrikaners.

Let’s consider the plight of the modern Afrikaner.  There are roughly 5 million whites in South Africa which has a population of roughly 56 million.  Some are of British descent, some are Afrikaners who are an amalgamation of the ethnic groups above who speak a Dutch dialect known as Afrikaans.  The whites – both British and Afrikaner – are further divided into liberal and conservative, just like in the United States.  The liberals are every bit as decadent as American liberals and appear to have their heads in the sand about the ANC’s intentions as they wallow in the modern-day Sodom they’ve created for themselves .  Consider, for example, Die Antwoord.  Or Dooma.   Due to declining economic conditions, violence, farm murders, and threats of genocide by the black ANC government and their black EFF rivals, roughly 50,000 conservative Christian Afrikaners have organized a civil defense group called the Suidlanders.  Note that they are only 1% of the white population.  They describe themselves as follows:

We are primarily a Bible believing Christian conservative group. We call on our members to personally prepare for an emergency situation like major civil unrest. With the help of thousands of our members we have prepared and identified extraction routes and safe areas where trained and capable members will become self-reliant and proficient to provide assistance and support to the inevitable flow of refugees during crisis. Through experience, especially in Africa, we have learned that we cannot depend on international bodies to assist during a conflict. We intend to, through God’s provision, help ourselves. We also believe in the words of a century old Prophet called Niklaas van Rensburg who clearly warned the Boer of an impending civil conflict. We invite the international community to contact us so that we may work together in preparing to resist a glblocqtion.

The Suidlanders have concluded working with their government is impossible because the government is threatening to kill them and appears to be organizing murders of white farmers.  The Suidlanders’ moral and mental victories against their ANC and EFF enemies have come through a publicity campaign. Sympathetic media outlets like Fox News, Laura Southern, InfoWars and their YouTube channel have made the rest of their nation and the world aware of the violence and theft by the ANC government.  The Australian government has taken some action.  Our president has made a few remarks.  Americans have donated a lot of money enabling the Suidlanders to buy supplies.  On a local level, Suidlanders have warned their government of the likely economic collapse that will result from a land confiscation.  Privately, they have established an extensive VHF radio network and a plan of off-road automobile maneuver should the ANC or EFF start a civil war.  They have stocked and cached supplies such as food and water for an extensive period in the South African wilderness because why should they fight their enemy when they can just lead him around the desert to starve should he attack?  This plan has been practiced with many field training exercises which have built cohesion and friendship amongst Suidlanders and caused the ANC to doubt their odds of success.  Always create Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) in the mind of your enemy.

Their group is well-organized which is attributable in no small part to Suildander leadership.  Their spokesman, Simon Roche – Roche is a French last name – mentions Suildander elders in his videos.  These elders have the final say in whether one stage of the Suidlanders’ emergency plan is escalated to another stage with more serious consequences.  In the previous article, I stated that resistance was undertaken by lesser magistrates against greater magistrates to avoid anarchy.  These lesser magistrates do not have to be officials of an established government such as city council members, mayors, and sheriffs.  If an entire system of government is run by rotten and murderous officials as many African and Latin-American governments are, the people do well to elect or crown a parallel government staffed with honest representatives.  In this case, the Suidlanders’representatives are the lesser magistrates of a parallel government who oppose the ANC and EFF government.  This is the same thing Continental and British Protestants did in the 1500 and 1600s.  The Suidlander organization has achieved moral and mental victories to the point that the ANC has withdrawn its plan to confiscate white farms, possibly in favor of continuing their farm murder strategy.  The Suidlanders have been as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves (Matthew 10:16).

As the world watches the collapse of South Africa, it picks two sides.  The Devil and his children side against the Christians and cheer ANC Marxists with reminders of apartheid and revisionist history of white oppression.   The other side wants to the Afrikaner take up arms.  There are many reasons why arms should always be a last resort.  Before a war starts, everyone predicts it will be over in a week with minimal casualties for the home team.  It never goes as planned.  If a war does start between Afrikaners and ANC and EFF blacks, it is likely that liberal Western governments will side with the ANC as they have done in the past.  Now, the Suidlanders are able to portray themselves as the victims to these liberal governments. Liberals love weakness and victimhood.  Happily, God’s power is made perfect in weakness (2 Cor 12:9).  Consider also the likely Western media response to combat. Regardless of how just the Afrikaners’ cause for war, the liberal Western media will portray them as the villains in an armed conflict and US liberals will be incited against them and demand action.  As a point of evidence, my liberal white Baby Boomer neighbor has a picture of Nelson Mandela up in his garage and several African masks.  Liberal white Afrikaners would even oppose the conservatives.  Military action by conservative Afrikaners would also unite the ANC and EFF when they now squabble.   Cyril Ramaphosa is a rich vassal of Chinese who would love an opportunity to help the ANC to eradicate remaining whites and to allow more Chinese mining and farming rights.

With that said, the Suidlanders must stop the farm murders which are the ANC’s “slow jihad” strategy.  My colleagues and readers can suggest defense ideas in the comments bearing in mind that the government will try to arrest anyone who defends themselves.  When a gang of blacks doesn’t come back from their raid, the ANC government knows which farm they hit.  The Suidlander strategy therefore needs to be more than, “Shoot/stab, shovel, and shut-up.”  Perhaps they need a network of informants among the police.  Perhaps the police can be paid to look the other way.  Perhaps farmers who successfully defend themselves need a network of safe houses to flee to.  Defense presupposes armament.  Some of the murdered farmers appeared to have been completely unarmed, forgetting the “wise as serpents” part or were unable to acquire firearms.  These can be fabricated in a pinch and there are improvised firearm plans all over the internet.

In addition to providing safety, the Suidlanders need a permanent solution to the collapse of South Africa.  Group differences between Khoi-san, European, Indian, Zulu and other Bantu peoples likely prevent a unification into one common people.  Diversity is not strength.  One thing is sure, South Africa is not moving in a more-stable, peaceful direction.  Perhaps the best the Suidlanders can hope for is greater numbers which requires other Afrikaners to recover from their moral and spiritual stupor – the same stupor that affects most Western peoples.  As circumstances change, perhaps their situation can improve.  They also need support from a foreign power as all insurgent groups do.  Whatever their plans, they will be in our prayers and we wish them Godspeed.

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