There’s a heck of a lot of incidents, rhetoric, racist taunts (Hello, CNN) outright threats, and seditious talk coming from the communists these days.  All one needs to do to verify the preceding statement is check the MSM lately.  It’s also evident that our country is more polarized than it has been since 1860, and all it’s going to take is the right spark at the right time into the right ‘fuel,’ and we’re going to be spiraling towards Matt Bracken’s prediction of Bosnia times Rwanda and national Balkanization.

The communists are betting the farm on successfully pushing the country to civil war, IMHO, because they see the opportunity to rid the US of its traditions and black letter law, specifically, the US Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land (don’t bother attempting to argue on its importance to me, either. If it wasn’t for its existence, we’d have been under communist rule long before now…).  Once that goes, there’s nothing to stop them.  It’s one reason, again, IMHO, that they’re attempting to use it as a ‘suicide pact’ and literally kill the country with its own guarantor of limited government intervention on naturally held rights.

In the news there are leading communists that are calling for even less restraint in conducting seditious operations (Hello, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters and others).  Conservatives have been attacked with weapons fire at soft ball games, have been beaten, have been run out of restaurants, harassed at home and while out with family, just to name a few incidents, and the bad actors, not seeing any real consequence for these activities, want to turn up the heat.  They are pushing to get someone on the conservative side to go Dorner on them.  That’s the objective, because they want to use that as a ploy to bring down harsh, draconian measures.  They want the implementation of martial law and whole scale weapons confiscations to begin.  That’s their, ‘Rubicon.’  If that occurs, the die will truly be cast.  It’s not like they’re keeping anything secret.  The tactic they’re trying to employ is right out of the guerrilla warfare play book issued to all communists.  In order to turn the people against the form of government held, the guerrillas must, in fact, cause the civilian population to suffer by government clamp down in order to keep control.  Travel must be restricted; food distribution must be restricted; police action must be increased against everyone on the street.

And, unfortunately, most Western governments do exactly as desired once these guerrilla actions begin in earnest, which works against the government and the people only desiring to be left alone to live their lives, raise their children, and peaceably go about their everyday business.

Right now, it would be easy to say, “to hell with it….they want a war?  Let’s give them a war they won’t believe….” It must be pointed out, though, that the pain of war is nothing compared to misery of aftermath.  And, so observing, each man and woman must realize a certain truth:  Once it starts, there’s no going home after your shift and sitting down with the family for dinner.  There’ll be two ways out:  Winning and death.

And, if that’s what must happen, then it will be evident that there’s no other recourse for a sane, liberty loving, and Christian people (we were founded as, and still remain, to a large extent, a Christian nation), and we’ll all do what we need to do to rid the country of the communists.

Until that time, it’s vital to keep your head and don’t do brash, hasty things.  Bear your pain stoically, train, have faith, and continue to prepare for that which we may not be able to avoid some day in the foreseeable future.



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