We will be posting a map and lists of the close races and keep you informed as we get results. We’ll be updating live results from across the country with our analysis starting at about 1700 EST. Until then, check back to this article for pertinent news from the voting polls.

A total of 470 seats in Congress are up for election today. In the Senate, of the 35 total seats up for election, the Democrats control 26 and will need to gain two to wrest control of the Senate. In the House, the Democrats need 24 seats to gain control.

Here’s a live-update list to help you keep track up what seats are up for grabs in the meantime.

Here’s an interactive map as well.

Election Day Stories


Election Results:

The Democrats gained control of the House yesterday and picked up a net of 34 seats. The Republicans retained control of the Senate with a net gain of 3 seats. We will be enjoying a new Speaker of the House in January, and the redoubt took another blow with the gun laws passed in WA under i-1639. Congress under split leadership should get little done in the way of actual governance, but look for much political drama in the coming years.

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