Got questions on groups? Vetting? Recruiting? We have answers.

NC Scout and I will be hosting a webinar-based question and answer session on groups, vetting, and related topics. If you have any questions about how vetting works, want to bring up a “what if” scenario that you are worried about, have some issues or questions about your own group, feel free to sign up. The webinar will last 2 hours, and anyone who signs up is guaranteed to get their question heard and discussed. We are limiting the session to 9 participants in order to ensure that everyone can get a robust answer and have a decent discussion on the topics at hand.

The session is $25, but if you’re already in the Anti-Infiltration Classes, the session is free to you. If you’ve come up with new questions since the last class session, here’s your chance to get them answered. If you’re interested in the classes but wanted to know more before signing up for the whole thing, this is a great way to ask some of those group-related questions of either myself or NC Scout. Even if you don’t have a question yourself, you will get something out of attending and hearing us work through what others have to say.

This will be a structured but fairly casual thing, so expect some great back-and-forth discussion on group issues.

Some of the topics that may come up:

  • Why don’t you want certain people? Can’t you still bring them on?
  • What if the problem is your own family?
  • What kinds of things can a group do if they don’t want to do anything illegal?
  • Why are rallies a bad idea?
  • Is it even possible to find good people? And if so, where?
  • How can I make sure that the people already in my group aren’t feds?
  • Why would the feds even care about my group?
  • A guy in my group is doing __________ but he’s brilliant at his particular skill. How can I get the good and not also get the bad?
  • We need more people. What’s the best way to recruit them?

This session will be 15 December 2018 at 8pm Eastern.

If your question is group-related, get signed up before the seats are gone.

  • Send Paypal to

We are looking forward to answering questions and talking about the real life application of these recruiting and vetting principles. See you there!

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