If you’ve been following AP’s quickly expanding coverage of medical issues, then you probably have questions. In keeping with our once-a-month Q&A sessions, January’s offering is a real-time webinar Q&A with Reasonable Rascal, a paramedic and highly experienced RN who’s been contributing a great deal to the prepper/survival medicine arena for a very long time. His book, Austere and Survival Medicine, is co-written with other medical experts and is in its 3rd edition.

The webinar will be 1 hour, and will be limited to 10 people to keep things small and on track. It’ll be a real-time discussion in which you can ask your medical questions regarding prepping, SHTF medicine, off-grid care, supplies, education, etc., and get real world answers for a grid-down scenario.

DATE: 30 January 2019
TIME: 6pm EST (5pm Central, 4 pm Mountain, 3pm Pacific)

It’s only $25 to get in, and you can either pay by sending Paypal to info@americanpartisan.org, or by sending a check/money order/cash to:

610 N. 1st St 5-209
Hamilton, MT 59840

Before You Ask

Here are a few answers to questions we’ve been getting about our Q&A sessions.

Do I have to be by a computer? No! While you can connect with a laptop or other device, you can also simply call in to the phone number listed. There won’t be any visual aids or slides; this is purely a discussion. You can do it from anywhere — work, commute, home, etc.

Why do you have the participant limit so low? It’s a real-time discussion, and we want to make sure that everyone who is in the session gets their questions answered and gets their money’s worth out of it. There’s nothing worse than paying for access to a Q&A only to never get to ask a question anyway.

Can I ask about personal medical concerns I am experiencing now? This webinar is not designed to discuss your personal health or serve as a second opinion on any care you or a family member may be receiving now. If you have a question about current help or symptoms, you should ask your doctor. This is for educational purposes only, etc.

Why do I have to pay to get in just to talk to you guys? Here at AP, we insist upon a higher level of discourse from ourselves and from our readers and members of our community. If the Q&A is a free-for-all, it will not only fill up in minutes, but it’ll fill up with exactly the kind of people we don’t want here and refuse to deal with. You’re not paying for the “privilege” of talking to us; you’re paying for the guarantee that you’ll be in a solid environment that is filled with people who, like you, want to learn and grow.

Get your reservation in now, and get your questions ready!


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