In a recent episode of the Crackpot Podcast, James LaFond and Lynn Lockhart discuss a video of a vagrant gang attack on an NYPD officer in a subway.  The officer successfully defends himself using a front push kick called a ‘teep‘ in muay thai as well as a collapsible baton called an ASP.  The officer is a large man with good balance, footwork, and vision.  He was helped by citizen good samaritans.

The video demonstrates the increasing boldness of criminals against police.  These were vagrants who uniformly live a life of hard drug abuse, violence, and petty theft.  However, criminals much higher up the food chain are engaging in this behavior as well.  This appears to be a nationwide trend in cities which are mostly run by SJW governments where law enforcement is undermined by liberal judges and prosecutors.  The police officer in this video was in danger not only from the vagrants but also from the city government and the media.  He responded in a way that ensured that the headlines read “CHAOS ON SUBWAY PLATFORM AS COP FIGHTS-OFF HOSTILE VAGRANTS” rather than “POLICE OFFICER GUNS DOWN INNOCENT HOMELESS!”  Had he not, perhaps he would be facing indictment.  Hopefully, he is close to retirement.

Maybe this police officer or the citizens who helped him could’ve been you.  Maybe you work in an area like this either as a police officer or as a private citizen.  How do you ensure that you don’t become a violent crime statistic or another scalp claimed by a depraved government or media for pulling your sidearm and giving these criminals what they really deserve?  Consider this type of situation, which is how violent crime usually occurs: many on you.  Any gang attack on an individual is life-threatening.  If this officer was pushed to the ground, the vagrants could’ve stomped him to the point of brain damage.  He also could’ve been pushed onto the subway track.  He was lucky that none of these attackers used a knife, though this is common also and a knife attack could’ve come unseen from concealment in the sleeve of a vagrant’s coat.  How do you prepare for these situations?

First, you want to be able to identify the pre-violence indicators Left of Bang to give you time to leave if you’re a civilian or get into a better position if you’re a police officer.  For example, look at this CCTV footage of a cartel assassin before the hit.  He’s engaging in several pre-violence behaviors as well as wearing a huge jacket to protect him from counter-assaults.  He also had a “Santa Muerte” tattoo which is always a bad sign.  If you see a guy like this behaving this way in your local carniceria, leave and call the police.  Second, use combatives to deal with close-quarters situations you can’t avoid such an ambush.  Criminals attack you in places where you’re distracted: in your doorway or at your car door or at an ATM or when dealing with kids in the supermarket parking lot.  In these situations, it often doesn’t matter what you’re armed with because they have the drop on you and you have to grapple.  Using the wrong techniques in these situations can get you killed, even if you have a gun.  There are many bullshido artists out there selling expensive techniques and systems that don’t work in the real world, even among the ‘reality-based self-defense’ community.  Buyer beware.  The sources of good advice are few.  James LaFond has written several books on the topic of learning combatives cheaply, but start by getting instruction in grappling or boxing – whichever is available nearby – before moving onto knives and extension weapons.  Finally, gain strength and muscle which are of enormous value in any physical encounter.

We are entering an agonistic age where the old rules are being thrown-out in favor of none.  We must be smarter about how we handle situations and not expect fair treatment by the government and media when we defend ourselves.  Become a harder, smarter target and criminals will pass you in favor of the liberal down the street, which is what the liberal voted for after all.


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