Knife sharpening is one of the biggest gaps in my knowledge.  I have lacked the ability to sharpen knives, axes, chisels, spoke shaves, block planes and other edged tools for yard work, wooden boatbuilding, cooking and bushcraft.  This article covers basic tools and techniques for knife sharpening building on earlier articles by NC Scout.

The first thing I needed was a stone.  After reading NC Scout’s description of his first line equipment, I decided to buy a dual-grit diamond stone that is useful not only for backpacking and hunting, but also for home use.  I first checked Amazon but found only Chinese counterfeit stones.  Real products can now only be found on Amazon by

knowing the exact brand beforehand.  My friend at work was again helpful, recommending DMT.  I bought the stone that approximated the one in NC Scout’s first line kit: the 8″ coarse/fine DuoSharp stone.  Yes, it’s expensive compared to the Scamazon Chinese counterfeits, but it’s made in ‘Merica and will last and my purchase supports ‘Merican industry.  The same friend gave me a USA Made Blade Flexx Slim Strop that I haven’t used yet.  Again, I couldn’t find anything worth my money on Amazon and this is made in the USA.

Next, I needed to learn technique.  Like NC Scout said in his article, use any technique that gives you a consistent, symmetrical bevel.  That means that the bevel should have the same width and angle for the length of the blade.  This can be achieved by sharpening and eyeballing.  It takes practice.  The following videos will help you learn the techniques of sharpening and stropping or removing the burr.

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