“Duty is ours, results are God’s” – John Adams

What will the future look like after the inevitable dissolution of the United States? Will we live as hunter-gatherers like on Naked and Afraid?  Will we live in the mountains avenging blood feuds like the Pashtuns?  Will our future be a Brave New World ruled by the Silicon Reich where we do drugs to numb our consciences while destroying our minds? We know the vision the Left has for the future and we don’t want it.  The Left is like your one of your friends from high school with whom you had great times but in his early 20s he got into heroin. You know based on his erratic behavior he doesn’t have long but you don’t know exactly which day will be his last.  We on the Right know we definitely don’t want to end up like our heroin-addicted friend but we have no positive vision for the future even though it is obvious that the old system is failing.  

Table 1.  Source: Aaron Renn, Masculinist #26

We know certain elements need to be in place to have a future: religion as a basis of spiritual life and ethics and households as a basis of family, economy and community.  A recovery of religion alone is therefore not enough to build a new culture out of the wreckage of the old one.  Aaron Renn explains this brilliantly in his essay on the decline of the household which, along with the decline of Protestantism, explains the disastrous growth of Western nation-state bureaucracies, corporate wage slavery, anti-natalism, unrestrained immigration, and atomization

Source: RG Price http://www.rationalrevolution.net/articles/capital_distribution.htm

On a basic level, households once served as a basis of mostly agricultural production which required children to help with the chores and communities to gather in the harvest.  Over the past century and a half, we’ve been whipped from our fields to the factories in the city with the promise of good manufacturing jobs.  After the elites offshored our manufacturing and block-busted our city neighborhoods with urban crime and bussing, we were whipped into  the suburbs with promises of good service jobs in big corporations.  Now those are being offshored overseas or the overseas workers are being brought here to replace us.  Suburbia is dying, and we’re being whipped back into the cities for “walkable” neighborhoods where infrastructure is maintained with extremely high taxes that are also used to keep bureaucrats in largesse.  During this same period, proprietorship and family – the two foundations of the household – have declined precipitously.  The Left feels the wind at their backs and is calling for the abolition of the family while their allies in Big Corporations work for the abolition of our rights by buying as many politicians as possible and importing as many immigrants as they can. Have we had enough of this?  I think we have.  I don’t think we have any choice but to take back our own production and make family a thing worth having again.

Recovery of the household will move us to the left in table 1.  This is where a free people should be.  Rebuilding our households will result in us taking back the responsibilities we’ve given over to the State – such as education, governance, policing, safety net, and childcare – and Corporations – such as production and our livelihoods.  This is explained in CR Wiley’s excellent book Man of the House reviewed  by Julian Langness below.  Buy it in paperback to share it with other men in your churches, barracks, and wardrooms.  This book is what finally convinced me to build more resiliency into my house and to start my own business because it provided me with positive duties – those of building a house – rather than the drudgery of preparedness for every conceivable disaster and calamity in the future.  The duties of being a man, a husband, and a father then becomes what the Romans called pietasThis book revolutionized my thinking.

The last book is by Bill Lind and the late Paul Weyrich called The Next Conservatism.  It explains the principles of true conservatism and is a policy manual for policy makers.  The recommendations made in the Next Conservatism are not possible without a recovery of religion and household and will likely be implemented organically as both improve.  We could still use help from the government, policy makers, and think tanks in implementing these ideas as we work on them ourselves so this policy manual is timely and essential.

All of these recommendations involve moving further to the left on table 1 above.  When viewed through this lens, food production, defense, communications, technology, and small business become ways of building a household and networking with other households which are few and far between.  Men naturally love building, so this will be fun instead of drudgery.  The good news is we have no other choice if we want to be free.  The bad news is that this will be difficult, costly, and even dangerous at this point – we are somewhere between slavery and freedom and we know which way we are headed.  Nevertheless, succeed one step at a time.  Small successes snowball quickly.  Gradually, networks of households will restore community and expand our centers of gravity while depriving our adversaries on the Left of revenue and manpower.  Never doubt that we can win, but we won’t win quickly.  We are engaging in a generational struggle which is really the same ancient war begun at the Fall.  We know Who wins in the end (Revelation 5), so victory is assured.


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