The Left is attempting to portray every user of encryption as some sort of Russian spy or criminal.  The reality is that everyone should have the expectation of privacy.  The two most basic categories of life are “public” and “private.”  For example, in the Western tradition, religion has always been considered public while business was considered private.  Now the Left is trying to reverse the two by saying everything private is public, political, and subject to regulation while everything public like religion should be a private matter, except for their religion of cultural Marxism.   This is especially true technology where tech companies have offered free services where you are their public product.

Using your phone, Google, Apple, and other tech companies spy on you all the time in ways that are difficult to understand.  The Pine Phone hopes to change all that by running an open Linux version on an AMD SoC.  There are very few details, but I suspect it will work on 4G networks.  Expect it to be a bare-bones Linux phone with few apps but working cellular, GPS, bluetooth, and WiFi radios.  Support this effort if you can.  Bear in mind that with 4G, your calls become internet packets when they leave the base station.

An even more secure option is an encrypted land line like this Ooma business phone.  Back in the day, many of us had only a land line.  We seemed cope.  In fact, I think we all communicated better back then because we weren’t enstupifying ourselves with our smart phones all day.  Maybe it’s time we went back to the future with new technologies used for old applications.

Finally, there’s the dark net.  I have no experience with this but I suspect religious minorities and other persecuted groups will need this in the future.  Imagine a world like China today where you’ve been unpersoned by the government and denied credit and a medium of exchange as well as use of public marketplaces.  You may need alternative markets to buy and sell (Revelation 13:17).  Why not learn about these markets now?  This TedX talk explains further.  BOILERPLATE DISCLAIMER: DO NOT BUY OR SELL ANYTHING ILLEGAL.


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