When viewed through the lens of 4GW, the illegal immigrant is one of the most powerful warriors on earth though he does not use much overt violence. His primary weapon is weakness, which is the biggest weapon a 4th Generation warrior can have because it gathers him numerous allies from our decadent culture without him having to do any work at all. This is a seeming contradiction: he is weak but powerful. His weakness is socioeconomic. His country is poor and he wants to come to America “for a better life.” He smiles meekly at the American jefes who hire him. He shows up on time and will work dirty and dangerous jobs without complaining. His poor wife is constantly pushing around another nino in the baby carriage. Sure, he commits some crime here and there, but it’s managed by local police. His other weakness is that he is a Person of Color which means he’s a member of The Oppressed in the cultural Marxist worldview. He supposedly doesn’t speak English well enough to understand police and therefore isn’t expected to follow our laws so he is punished lightly. Because these weaknesses, he is not considered a threat by anyone of importance so nothing is done about him. Quite the contrary, he is a great asset to rich, powerful, and upwardly-mobile liberals and pseudoconservatives who need him.

Americans overwhelmingly want the borders closed and the illegals kicked out.  By “overwhelmingly,” I mean the bottom 3/5ths of wage earners whose pay hasn’t risen in 20-30 years along with upwardly-mobile small business owning legal immigrants and conservative upper-middle class and rich Americans.  Despite our overwhelming majority, the 20-40 million illegal immigrants have more powerful allies which we will call “centers of gravity” for the purposes of strategic analysis.  Successful strategy – winning against an adversary – is the art of disconnecting the adversary from as many of his centers of gravity as possible while connecting as many of your own as possible.  This is John Boyd’s definition and, like Bill Lind who used this definition in Victoria, is the only definition which makes sense.  As Americans, it’s helpful to look at future actions against our illegal immigrant adversaries through John Boyd’s 9-square grid.  The traditional tactical, operational, and strategic levels of “war” still exist in 4GW, but they must be reckoned with the physical, mental, and moral levels.  Mistakes made on the strategic and moral levels negate successes on the tactical and physical levels.

For example, if we only build a physical barrier on the border – I want concrete like the Israelis have – but fail to address our drug problem, the cartels will dig more tunnels under the wall that can be used for drug and human smuggling and stuff more trucks with fentanyl to drive through our ports-of-entry.  The physical success of a border wall must be supported by a reduction of drug use and drug dealing on the strategic and moral levels.

Consequently, as we analyze the illegal immigrant as a fourth-generation warrior and look at disconnecting his centers of gravity, most of the discussion will focus on the moral, mental and strategic levels.  The illegal immigrant’s most powerful centers of gravity are American business owners and upper middle class employers, oligarchs like politicians, charity and religious workers, the government, the press, and the cartels/Mexican government who are often the same entity for all intents and purposes.

American business owners and upper middle class employers are the most damaging.  They provide the employment and money that lures the Mexican up here.  American per capita GDP is 6 times Mexico’s and wealth is even more concentrated in Mexico than here so their poor are poorer.  Being a much poorer country, Mexico doesn’t have as extensive of a welfare state  so their poor have to work.  All of this is a great thing for Americans who hire them to work in their small businesses and homes for long hours and low pay.   Politicians listen almost exclusively to business owners and upper middle class people because they have money and are polished, urbane, and good talkers.  Unless you’ve paid $1500 to a politician’s favorite charity lately, he doesn’t care what you think.  My suggestions for disconnecting illegals from this center of gravity are weak.  You can try to convince a business owner of the long term damage to the country by importing these people, but his income depends on him not understanding you.  You can try to shame your neighbor about hiring illegals to clean her house and tend her landscaping, but her kids – if any – have moved away or are listless and lazy and won’t help her.  The illegal shows up on time, works hard, and smiles meekly.  On the moral and mental levels in Boyd’s grid, how do you appeal to morals that aren’t there with people who can’t think?  This is why Lind emphasizes that culture is the most important thing in 4GW.  We have a post-truth culture that calls good evil and evil good.

Politicians and other oligarchs are similarly a lost cause.  The Democrats love illegals because they reliably vote for them.  Bracken has already explained the Cloward-Piven strategy.  It has worked wonderfully in California which elected Reagan in 1980 by a landslide but is now only 25% Republican. The Republicans meanwhile answer to the business owners explained above.  In the early Aughts, I heard a prominent Republican congressman from my area get on conservative AM radio and basically defend illegal immigration for business owners.  His district was just stolen from him by vote harvesting.  When the Democrats and Republicans agree on something, they have bipartisan consensus.  The Republicans are the Stupid Party.  The Democrats are the Evil Party.  When they get together they do something Stupid and Evil. This is bipartisanship.  I don’t see how to disconnect illegals from this powerful center of gravity since the elections are rigged to give the oligarchs what they want every time.

Charities such as “Christian” refugee resettlement agencies are another huge problem fed by clueless church ladies in liberal mainline denominations such as the United Methodist Church, PCUSA, ELCA, and the Roman Catholic church.  Latin Americans are overwhelmingly Roman Catholic.  The RCC has every financial incentive to undermine our borders to grow its power in the USA.  The mainline liberal Protestant denominations are just as bad in their own way.  Their refugee charities amount to a full-employment program for the otherwise-useless.  The charities get a lot of money from politicians through the federal budget for doing their bidding.  The formerly-liberal Minnesotan who runs Refugee Resettlement Watch has done great work bringing much of this to light.  It’s sad that Minnesotans like her had to be mugged by reality to grasp it.  Now Minnesota is a haunt of Somali jihadists.  Aside from encouraging better theology in Christian churches, not much can be done about this.

Finally, the Mexican cartels are another huge center of gravity for illegals for this reason.  Anyone crossing the border from Mexico to the United States is a potential mule who may want to make a quick buck transporting a kilo of drugs.  Due to our revolving door justice system, the penalties of being convicted of drug-dealing are low compared to the money that can be made.  Other than insisting that drug-dealing and trafficking be a capital offense, I see no way of disconnecting the cartels from their illegal immigrant mules.  In many countries that are serious about crime, drug-dealing is a capital offense.  Ours is not serious about crime.

Due to our decadent and dying culture, very little can be done in the moral/strategic and mental/operational levels to disconnect the illegal from his centers of gravity – it’s like trying to invade Russia in the winter.  This goes to illustrate the buried point of this article: Americans are at the mercy of countless well-connected 4th generation adversaries because we’ve lost our culture even its building blocks.  This has resulted in Americans becoming lonely, atomized people perfect for exploitation by powerful elites and their proxies.   Consequently, we must focus most of our efforts on the other half of strategy: connecting our own centers of gravity which requires building culture from households.  Subsequent articles will deal with this topic and describe a future worth creating.

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