Theology Pugcast.

Show notes

Liberty is not the same thing as freedom.  Liberty is the freedom to pursue virtue.  “Freedom” today is really license, from which we derive the word, “Licentious.”

Moral relativism is the death of liberty because it leaves room only for license which automatically leads to tyranny.  (See: the Weimar Republic and the Bramen Declaration).

Abraham Kuyper’s “sphere sovereignty” has explanatory power.  When the institution governing one sphere collapses, another institution responsible for a different sphere must step in.  The institution stepping-in is poorly-suited to govern another sphere.  For example, households are collapsing so the government – esp. regulatory agencies – has to take over to prevent chaos.  Public schools are asked to provide moral education because parents won’t do it.

The barbarians within the gates (domestic) – the licentious among us – are worse than those without (foreign).

More blood has been shed for moral idealism than anything else.

CS Lewis’ “Abolition of Man,” especially the appendix.

My comments and an anecdote

Theological and ethical education drive your own personal OODA loop.  In times of high consequence, a properly-calibrated OODA loop is extremely important.

We’ve complained about the government and public schools overstepping their bounds.  Here’s a horror story from a friend of a friend (of a friend).  This friend of a friend is my friend’s wife’s friend.  She is a social worker in Los Angeles County.  She was asked to investigate a situation where a homosexual high school teacher had convinced a 15 year-old boy that he was really a woman.  The teacher offered to “foster” the boy and ensure that he got the (gender re-assignment) treatments he “needed.”  The social worker, after some thought, closed the case.  She saw the boy a year later and he thanked her profusely for not carrying out the horror of assigning him to the foster care of a homosexual who would take him for gender reassignment (and probably rape him).  He introduced her to his girlfriend.  I blew my stack when I heard this story.  It reminded me of the homosexual man who his the son of the old lady next door.  In his 50s, he left his wife and decided he was into the same sex.  He got a young male boyfriend who is now transitioning to female after several years together.  This is horrifying to the old mother who attends a liberal church where practicing homosexuals administer the Lord’s Supper.  I doubt she has connected the dots.

Anyways, after I finished blowing my stack, I went home and typed “California parental rights” into the old search engine (DDG).  Most of the top results were how to terminate your parental rights voluntarily – either to make your child a ward of the state or to your give up your rights as a father willingly if you don’t want to be responsible for a pregnancy resulting from a one-night stand.

So, the State can’t perform the function of a God-ordained family, but neither can many/most parents in this state.  Definitely understand the horrors going on right outside your bubble and you’ll see where/why we’re headed. License is collapsing into tyranny very quickly.

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