If you hate running and want the benefits of cardio for conditioning and fat loss, try rucking.  You can buy 2.5, 5, 10, and 25 lb plates for very little on Craigslist or at Play-It-Again.  You can put a piece of 1×4 in the bottom of your ruck to support the plates.  If you have chronic pain, ruck for time and weight that does not cause a pain flare-up.  Gradually add weight and time so that your conditioning and pain tolerance improve without causing a flare-up.

Start this now rather than waiting until the week before Deer Camp or the Apocalypse.

UPDATE: Here’s one more option: The Load Trainer.  The main benefit is you can easily load 45 lb plates.  If you’re planning on carrying half your bodyweight or more, it’s something to look into.

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