Our society is being given over to deception.  This seems terrifying until you realize that it’s part of God’s plan for collapsing civilizations.  When a people makes itself a dead carcass, notes Matthew Henry, there is nothing left but God’s judgment.  This is just the pattern of history.
One of the most popular deceptions is that there are right wing extremists everywhere when the exact opposite is true unless the definition of “right wing extremist” is expanded as shown in the photo.  Militia members are a vanishingly-small percentage of the population, like Klansmen or real white supremacists.  They have no influence on our society nor any effect.
Meanwhile, the real militias – transnational gangs like 18th Street (Barrio 18) and MS-13 have hundreds of thousands of members and comparatively no government or media opposition despite their murders, kidnappings, trafficking, and extortion.  They’re just accepted as the new normal.
In Homeland Siege, John Poole noted with astonishment that MS-13 seems to operate with impunity in Washington DC’s backyard of Northern Virginia.  He wisely declined to speculate as to why this was the case.  We do know that the oldest trick in the book is to create a problem and sell the solution.  We need to look to the South to Mexico for examples of this and to see how it ends.  The Plaza System of cartels was created by Mexico’s PRI for the ultimate benefit of PRI members.  The PRI itself is like the Democratic party which assimilates Lefter elements within Mexico like Marxists guerrillas from the Soviet era.  When the PAN was elected (Vicente Fox), the old agreements were nullified and the cartels figured they’d rather be the government and tax public officials rather than the other way around. The past 20 years since Vicente Fox’s election have been full of bloodshed.  The Mexicans desperately elected AMLO the same way we elected Trump.  Is this shift already occurring within the United States?
Prosecutors said Tuesday the Fulton clique of the gang had been linked to seven killings in the Los Angeles area since 2017, many of which ended with body parts being scattered in mountain passes and remote areas. Most of the killings were the result of a new rule requiring clique prospects to take a life in order to gain entry into the gang, investigators said.
This is new behavior for MS-13 in the United States.  According to Ioan Grillo, initiation murders were limited to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala because our law enforcement is far more serious.  I can only guess that MS-13 is starting to take our law enforcement far less seriously.  We know this is true: MS-13 threatens local law enforcement out in California.
It also appears they want to stop answering to the Mexican Mafia so there will be a big turf war, just like in Mexico.  This would of course spill over into our prison systems which are dominated by Surenos.  Who knows how violent that would get?
“The desire to secure territorial control may be linked to the desire of the ‘503’ Salvadoran elements of MS-13 to diminish the influence of Eme, the Mexican Mafia over MS-13;[12] Eme exerts control over Los Angeles Area gangs (Sureños) including MS-13:

Law enforcement officials said the two-year spasm of violence was carried out largely by Honduran and Salvadoran immigrants hoping to return MS-13 to its bloody roots. Paul Delacourt, the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office, said the bloodshed was motivated in part by the group’s desire to make MS-13 less deferential to the Mexican Mafia, which wields influence over most Hispanic and Latino street gangs in the Los Angeles area.[13]

Tucker Carlson reminds us that defending MS-13 will be on the Dems’ 2020 platform.  I think he’s correct.  Consequently, we see the PRIzation of the Democratic Party accelerating as our PAN (the Republicans) head for 70 years in the wilderness.
It’s astonishing that Hollywood has all this Latin American true crime in literally its own backyard but “Right Wing Extremists” (white people) are somehow still the perennial enemy depicted in many of their productions.  The ultimate irony will occur when MS-13 starts taxing and kidnapping Hollywood execs.  When that happens, you will see an exponential increase in movies and TV shows about mythical violent white supremacists.
I intend to review Robert J. Bunker’s book on the demise of Western democracies and will try to review it in an upcoming article to explore the effect of transnational Latin American gangs and plutocrats on the accelerating demise of our nation-state system.  Until then, stay safe from Right Wing Extremism.
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