What do people do in a state that’s breaking down?  Many turn to crime, nihilism, and drugs.  Many flee.  Some build an ark:

The landowner is an estate manager from the pre-industrial era before the fall of the household.  He surrounded himself with people he trusts from the same ethnic and religious group which is itself an amalgamation of French, Dutch, and English Protestant refugees.  Thus, they all speak the same language and practice the same religion which gives them cohesion.  They refer to the godless liberals from their same ethnic group as Satanists which agrees pretty well with Jesus’ statement in John 8 about unbelievers being children of the Devil.

That said, there are theological problems with trying to seal yourself off from the world, unbelievers, and people not like you.  This side of heaven, such things are impossible.  However, circumstances have led this estate manager to these hiring practices.  For example, even if he wanted to hire blacks, he mentions in the video why the government has made this impossible for him: black farmworkers would legally entitled to half his estate without compensation.  Moreover, farm murders are planned by black farm workers.  (There’s a probably lesson in this for people who hire illegal Latin American labor: see the Mollie Tibbetts case).  Also, the government already has a program for blacks called “Black Economic Empowerment,” so poor blacks already have a benefactor.  These poor whites are destitute, can’t get the government employment they used to have, and don’t have productive property.  They have to work for someone else with the skills they have, and the land owner is willing to employ and shelter them.  They have to obey or leave.

The landowner has achieved his goals.  The streets are safe for children, women and the elderly even without police or anyone patrolling with an AR.  They have night watchmen like most Europeans had before the Metropolitan Act of 1839 which established modern Western police forces.  The farm is productive and 80% self-sufficient.  It serves as a model for any other minority group in such circumstances, whether white or “colored.”  As upcoming posts will demonstrate, the “colored” folks of South Africa such as the Khoi, Hindus, mixed-races peoples and even foreign blacks are preyed-upon by the government/criminals as well.  Perhaps this “ark” can serve as a model for them and a source of allies for the Boers.

Speaking of Boers, our media claims with the ANC everything they have is stolen, even when they have nothing.  They would revile this man as a white supremacist or separatist from a bygone era who took his farm with a gun.  There will always be such deceivers, critics and revilers.  Duty calls nonetheless.  This guy is doing what he can under difficult circumstances.  He’s from an era when things worked and is trying to make things work the way he knows how.  People can’t live in anarchy which is what South Africa has descended into.  Anyone who doesn’t like his way of doing things can find a better way and do it themselves.

Parting question: if you’re a rich, property-owning man, do you think you’re up for the challenge of feeding mouths and having people depend on you like this guy?

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