Based on conversations with colleagues in other states, it appears that news of California’s collapse into Third World status has reached the rest the rest of the nation.  In the following words, I’ll confirm how this is true and explain where California is headed.
The most obvious way in which California is collapsing is that it burns every year.  There is simply too much fuel in our state parks, national forests, and private lands in the form of trees and underbrush.  California environmental regulations have made small logging operations unprofitable, and brush clearance is a part of logging.  It’s hard work clearing land and people won’t do it unless allowed to profit from it.  Anecdotally, friends have sunk $70,000 into permits and erosion mitigation to log their several hundred acre hunting property and still haven’t been allowed to start.  Foresters confirm these costs and that they are insane since forests grow so quickly. The lack of logging and brush clearance is actually having a negative environmental impact since the brush is getting too dense for trees to grow healthily and diseases are spreading among the densely-packed oaks killing 20-30% of them and adding to the fuel.  Without logging, the only other option is to gather brush and trees into big piles and burn it, but it’s tough to get burn permits which are managed by air quality management districts (AQMDs) that are independent of county governments.  These AQMDs also fine people burning wood in stoves.
In addition to the forest and underbrush growth, 95% of California grasslands turn brown each season since the Spanish replaced native grasses with grass better-suited to feeding grazing animals.  There is little grazing anymore on our hillsides since sheep and goats have become unprofitable for a variety of reasons, including that mountain lions will eat a herd in a matter of weeks.  Voters approved a mountain lion hunting ban in the 1970s.
The state is aware of the problems and solutions since its two of its agencies – Cal Fire and the Legislative Analyst’s Office – prepared separate reports confirming the decades of brush buildup and the need to reduce it in tens of millions of acres and cut firebreaks near dwellings.  Gavin Newsom, to his credit, actually declared a state of emergency to bypass some of the environmental regulations preventing logging and brush clearance.  The citizenry throughout much of the state are being propagandized to believe that the power company is the source of the fires and that a state take-over of the power company would put put an end to the fires.  Some are certainly caused by power lines, but there are many more causes and the fuel is still the main driver of the fire, regardless of the cause.  The state power company takeover is likely being pushed as another means of bureaucratic plunder which is necessary to keep the state pension fund – CalPERS – afloat.  No one knows exactly how much is owed to pensioners, but the official number is $500 billion.  I reflexively double any bad number the government gives me for good reason, so the true number is probably $1 trillion.  This is the reason that brush will not be cleared nor will the infrastructure such as roads be maintained: the state simply owes too much money to its main constituency: the bureaucrats.  What is not paid to them is paid to illegals, and tax payers get the scraps.  The state will therefore never tackle the fire problem in earnest.  Taxpayers are finally becoming wise to the pension scam and are fleeing the state.  This will accelerate when voters (who I distinguish from taxpayers) approve a partial repeal of Proposition 13 which limits state property tax assessments on residential and commercial properties to the value paid for the property at the time of purchase.  The partial repeal will allow commercial property taxes assessments to float to the current value of the property.  In other words, Apple Inc will no longer pay taxes on the value of their Cupertino property when it was purchased in 1970 but the value if they bought it today.  This will greatly accelerate business flight from the state and then the state will finally be in the situation Illinois and New York are in.
Voters are mostly unaffected by all of this because they mostly vote for a living rather than work for a living, but sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.  The strangest voting constituency the government now serves are the vagrants which are turning many cities into a scene out of the Walking Dead.  They squat on public property and engage in property crimes, violent crimes, and prostitution in the process of scraping together money for drugs and buying drugs.  While they do it, vermin and medieval diseases spread in their camps.  New laws actually require the beleaguered cops to store vagrant “belongings” in lockers when they clear vagrant camps which poses a huge health risk to these officers.  Compounding the problem is the recent 9th Circuit Court (yep) ruling in Boise, ID prohibiting officers from clearing vagrant camps without offering them shelter.  Most vagrants are quite happy living on the streets, so the officers’ hands are basically tied.  This is further compounded with the other new state law that defines petty theft as anything less than $950, which basically means vagrants can steal with impunity.  The vagrants are often violent because their brains are so damaged by drugs and because they’re used to solving their problems with violence, so they’ve become a real public safety hazard.  My wife got chased by one while jogging in an upscale neighborhood, I’ve nearly hit panhandlers who’ve stumbled into traffic, and a vagrant just came on our corporate campus and beat up a lady who tried to interfere with his vagrancy by protecting corporate property.  (Ladies, you can only beat up men in the movies.  Don’t try it at home.)
Our incompetence is especially funny to the Chinese who are using it to subvert “Freedom’s Last Bastion.”  The Chinese have infiltrated all of our government weapons test facilities, flight test ranges, and procurement offices and are even allowed to work on classified programs.  They’ve infiltrated all of our tech companies through H1B visa sponsorship and send technical information vital to our national security back to the Middle Kingdom.  They have established Confucius Institutes on all of our college campuses to promote Chinese Communism and Xi Xinping emperor worship.  Chinese Communist party officials are buying up most of the state to secure their money from anti-corruption sweeps in China and/or to steal territory from the United States.  On my street, a couple from Shanghai paid cash for a house and rented it to interstate marijuana traffickers.  In Southern California, a home missionary from a sister denomination is learning Mandarin to evangelize his community.  In addition to Chinese money coming in, taxpayer money is also going out to China.  CalPERS is run by a Chinese Communist party official who was a product of the Party’s “1000 Talent Program.”  Consequently, they are funneling California taxpayer dollars into Chinese state-run enterprises by the billions.  Given all this, it is certain that the Chinese will continue to use California as a source of wealth and technological acquisition and subversion of US power in the coming decades.  Our internal strife has left us helpless to combat this threat by restricting Chinese immigration and infiltration (that would be racist) nor blocking Chinese Communist party officials from purchasing land in the US pursuant to section 721 of the Defense Production Act of 1950 (CFIUS) which was used to block the Chinese from purchasing an oil refinery in California last decade.
The above are causing Americans to flee the state which continues to have high housing costs for no reason other than the weather and that ChiComs are buying all the residential property.  Low end properties are bought by Mexicans and other LatAms and whoever else the government and big business brings here.  The Protestant churches will all be gone in a generation, especially as the bulk of the Baby Boomers die in the next 10-15 years.  This will obviously strain the state’s desire to and ability to remain in the Union.  I often wonder if the addition of stars to the Star Spangled Banner is about to go in reverse from the Left coast to the right.
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