JC Dodge recently posted on West Virginia “House Concurrent Resolution 8” which is a wise step by the West Virginia legislature to diffuse a volatile situation created by Mid-Atlantic elites.  We’ve also heard of sanctuary cities and counties for gun owners in Virginia created by Virginians working with their local rules.  A couple of comments are in order.  If you look at the map of the world in 1917, it looks vastly different than the world map today.  Whole countries and empires have risen and fallen in that hundred year period.  Prussia, the Austro-Hungarian empire dissolved after several centuries and the USSR rose and fell much quicker.  Bureaucrats and politicians look at a map and think that their bureaucracy and government are permanent, but nothing in the present evil age is permanent except Christ and his rule over the nations.  Our rulers are mentally stuck in the post-WWII 20th century America with strong institutions and national identity.  Times have changed for everyone else.  We’re now witnessing the re-drawing of the map of North America and a return to regionalism.

The Situation

We’re at the end of a long cultural cycle of iniquity.  Civilizations rise and fall quickly.  With some shoe-horning of data, you can convince yourself that they rise and fall in about a 200-300 year time-frame.  The United States of America will be no different and – without major reforms and a religious Reformation akin to the First Great Awakening – is near its end.  Culturally, the urban dwellers have an unnatural, heinous view of human existence and sexuality.  They are basically atheistic, pantheistic, or pagan.  The rural areas suffer from many problems but cling to the old culture of God, guns, and guts.  Liberal religious leaders are undermining this as much as possible.  Both cultures are incompatible.  To preserve the peace, they should go their separate ways as much as possible given the legal framework which can be changed over time in favor of this separation.  This was actually the point of the original federalism built into the Constitution: tolerance rather than coercion.

Embrace the new City-Statism

NYC rules NY, Richmond rules Virginia, Baltimore, Bethesda and Columbia rule Maryland.  All of these are city-states but the map shows states.  The minute you leave these cities, you’re into red counties.  To the extent possible, red counties and cities should seek to become independent city-states so that the maps of these states can, over time, begin to represent their polities.  This is being tried in Illinois and California with limited success so far, but these things take time, persuasion and marketing.  First, people have to see your vision.  To see your vision, you have to have one and sell it.  You have one, don’t you?  Can you imagine a South Virginia?  Whatever your vision, politics are part of the solution.  You can read political theory on constitution.orgDerek Collins offered some helpful suggestions in several articles.  Start by draining your local Swamp.  I guarantee it’s a swamp.  A recall of Governor Northam is probably a good, expedient idea but it’s to our shame everyone is suddenly “up in arms” about Northam now that he has threatened the second amendment and not when he was advocating Tran’s third trimester abortion bill a year ago which was nearly identical to New York’s new law allowing the same.

More advice for West Virginians and everyone else

Positive action steps

To the extent possible, create toll roads both ways into the Swamp.  Let the roads into and out of DC and Northern Virginia go into disrepair.  Tax wages earned out-of-state much more heavily.  Does that sound extreme?  Consider the effect on your culture if Swamplings start moving to your state because it’s a short drive to their Swamp jobs.  The Interstate Highway System was a great thing in many ways, but it has outlived its usefulness.  It was originally built, in part, to make it harder for the Soviets to destroy all of our internal rail-based logistic systems with nukes.  A network of highways could help bypass transportation modes that had been blown-up by nuclear warheads.  We’re not living with that danger anymore.  Nowadays, the Interstate creates danger by facilitating drug and human trafficking, illegal immigration, and corporate outsourcing to China and Mexico and prevents local businesses and economies from competing against large corporations with global supply and manufacturing chains.  It also allows people to easily move to your state with the mindset that they can invite more of their friends and relatives or visit them in their nearby blue state.  If it moves, tax it.

Negative warnings about inaction

Consider what happened to California, the birthplace of George S. Patton.  After WWII it was deeply-conservative state full of mid-Western Okies and Arkies who fled the Dust Bowl, Italian fishermen and vintners, and WWII veterans.  Long Beach used to be called “Iowa by the Sea.”  Due to internal and external migration in search of good jobs and a chance to flee the Rust Belt and decaying Atlantic cities, it has been turned into the Land of Fruits, Nuts, and Flakes.  It is nearing its death much more quickly than when I wrote “California Deathwatch” a few months ago due to recent developments.


These are ideas to get you started.  It takes men and action.  There have been bad reversals of the Constitutional order and disintegration of our nation on many fronts but especially faith and family which are the bedrock of any civilization.  No one is going to rebuild institutions but you.  Are you up for a challenge? What other choices do you have?


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