Over the last couple weeks, there have been a number of events that have taken place that have raised the eyebrows of many in the Liberty and Preparedness community. On July 4th, we watched two such events.

A rally in Richmond, put on by the “Propertarians” and billed as the “Declaration of Restoration” was the first. From the videos I watched, it looks like Curt Doolittle and his quisling “John Mark” fell flat on their face when Doolittle allowed the BLM to take over the podium. Ironically, They had a document, on location, that was supposed to be signed by many of the participants to “Declare their intent of restoration”.

I believe all this event did was give the same people who gathered participant info at the January 2A Rally in January, the same kind of information on those espousing propertarianism. Interesting how “John Mark” conveniently removed his YouTube channel right after the rally and all Doolittle is saying is they aren’t going to use “The Bottom” (is this synonymous with “Deplorables”?) to gain his desired “Ends” anymore.

Another event on July 4th took place at Stone Mountain GA. This was a group of “Black Supremacists” known as the NFAC (“Not Fuckin’ Around Coalition”), and they are “led” by a man named John Fitzgerald Johnson, AKA “Grand Master Jay”. Side note: I’d expect a guy who calls himself “Grand Master Jay” to use the word “Fuckin” in his group’s title. Just makes crass sense, right?

Ol’ Johnny Fitzgerald Johnson (We’ll just call him “Fitz” for the rest of the post because it aptly describes his public mannerisms. He throws fits….a lot) describes himself as a number of things, but I’ll let his 2016 Presidential site’s description tell you in his own words. By the way, I never heard of him either, even on the Independent tickets.

It’s a wonder Ol’ Coonman Northam hasn’t put him in a VaGov post.

What is he really? From what I’ve seen in his videos, he acts like a Lewis Farrahkan/Samuel L. Jackson “love child” (his pregnant pauses are the best LOL). As I said, “Having Fitz” describes his YouTube rants to a “T”. As an example, he has become upset recently, because apparently people of his own race are bringing up a video from his 2015 Pres bid, where he dropped his BLM affiliation and made the statement “All Lives Matter”.

Now he’s gone “Operational” and will not broadcast till “The operation in Louisville KY on the 25th of July is over”. Some thoughts on the NFAC in general and “Fitz” specifically.

As a group:

  • First, Unlike the BLM Communists, I guess you have to be black to join.
  • Second, the members apparently can’t look at their own communities with some introspection and take responsibility for their own shortcomings and outright failures of accountability as a group. Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, LA, DC, the list goes on and on.
  • Third, in the form of reparations and their own piece of land (they want Texas), they want more free shit they don’t have to work for.
  • Fourth, although “Fitz” says they are “All Mil Vets” and “Expert shooters”, it is obvious from videos that they are generally,  a gaggle of inexperienced civilians with a smattering of Vets in their midst, and those guys are probably mostly non Combat Arms guys (that’s the demographic). Like many of the Social Media Militias, they appear clueless, out of shape and what’s worse, unsafe.


In regards to “Fitz”:

  • He said “All lives matter” in 2015 under Barrack Obama, but under President Trump, it’s all about the “Slavery” that they are experiencing as a black population, and all the “Injustices” that white people have heaped upon the poor heads of the innocent black populace through the last 256 years.
  • From his LinkedIn “Presidential Bid” profile (I copied it earlier in the week, it is now unavailable), we see the following: He has a B.S. in Computer Science from Norfolk State U. (1982-1986). His Military background listing is vague but tells us he might have made it to Sergeant (if they promoted him after he attended the Primary Leadership Development Course, aka the E-5 “Sergeant’s Course” in 1993. He has no other NCO Academy courses listed and at that time, you needed to attend them for promotion). He was probably in one form of the Army or another (Active, Reserve and/or NG) for 12-14 years because he has 4 “Good Conduct” medals. He has two Army Commendation Medals, and one Army Achievement Medal and was overseas twice. He was in Desert Storm in 1991, probably as a commo tech (says he was Army Signal Corps starting in 1989) , and he lists being in the Adjutant General’s Association starting in 1994.

Well Hell, I didn’t know he was a Sergeant Major!

  • “Fitz” wants you to think he is the next iteration of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Lewis Farrakhan combined, only on the extreme militant side.
  • He is smart enough not to answer questions that make the NFAC look like it doesn’t match the “We’re National and International” hype that he has put out. Questions like, “When did NFAC start?” (Probably about 2 months ago) are answered with, “We’re not putting that information out.”.

Could he be the next “Hitler”? Maybe. A gift for oratory and being able to incite a crowd with skewed “facts” that you lay at the feet of a specific demographic or race (In “Fitz’s” case, all white people) is prerequisite to gaining position and a following for many of those imbeciles out there that want someone to blame other than themselves or their own.

Hey, look who else went to a stadium for a group event….

Do I think “Fitz” and his “NFACkers” are a threat? Yes. The biggest group they threaten are hard working, law abiding and decent black folks. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” right? Between the antics of the BLM Commies and the “NFACkers”, many blacks won’t get a fair shake in many areas if they are not already known to the people there. If a white guy knows there is violent activity in his areas being perpetrated by a black gang, why would he let you get within threat distance to his family?

In the grand scheme of “Threatening Things”, I believe they are not a viable “fighting force” that threatens the safety of any organized group they oppose (So get ORGANIZED!), simply because they are not organized in the manner needed to conduct the real combat operations Fitz implies he wants to perform.

Being in the email “Rolodex” is only the first of many steps to the organization he wants you to believe they have. Fitz wants in the worst way for you to believe they are an organized fighting force. In that regard, BLM has more organization than these guys.

They are no more of a threat as a fighting force than the attendees at the Richmond 2A Rally. So what if they’re armed, they had no organization at anything but a small group level, and like the “NFACkers” at Stone Mountain and those that are going to Louisville,  most were there or will be there as an individual not a group.


If we start seeing them walking down the street or road in a real “Staggered column” instead of using the “Goth on Parade” technique, then maybe we can start to be impressed (not really). If you say you’re in a war, act like it. They don’t. Till then, you’ll just be another group like the “New Black Panthers” with an outspoken leader, who has a stupid nickname and wants the attention gained by spouting the rhetoric we’ve all heard before from their predecessors.

If you’re serious, this is how you walk on a “Linear Danger Area” in the open.

If you’re in the Louisville KY area tomorrow, the 25th, keep your head on a swivel, be armed and be prepared. The problem we have is the media wants to “Pull start” these guys into a real story. Blood and gore always sells. The media won’t report the facts, and many Law Enforcement entities have been forced to stand down instead of responding to viable threats.

These are my opinions of the situation, and many disagree with my assessment of Grand Master Fitz. Hell, he could be a Fed asset trying to set up the whole group. God knows there has to be Fed assets within the NFAC. It’s too big (over 4 people) not to have them.


"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.