I watched a video earlier that had John Fitzgerald Johnson AKA “Grand Master J”, aka “Master of Fitz” giving his explanation (read that as BS excuses) for the negligent discharge (I’ve seen him give two different stories, and yeah I downloaded the videos of him doing it) shooting in Louisville KY on July 25th.

If you know anything about how a firearm works and how physics can affect a firearm’s function, you know his BS is from the mouth of a charlatan trying to convince people that his NFACkers are a “competent” and “responsible” group of “bad ass” Mil Vets and “Expert shooters”. Apparently the opposite is true.

Below, I’m gonna go through a series of screenshots taken with the “Closed Captioning” engaged. In the “Master of Fitz’s” own words, he’s gonna give his “Story”, then I’m gonna destroy it with the facts concerning physics and how they work with the action of a firearm.

Yes, that happens in hot weather Fitz. This is why in the Military we have Non-Commissioned Officers who keep track of their troops and make them DRINK WATER when it’s hot! I thought you were all former military?

OK, so the guy who was responsible for the negligent discharge, passed out from the heat. We’re trackin’ so far.

No Fitz, tell us about the old style shotgun. Old shotguns with no safety usually have external hammers and are usually single or two shot affairs. So he either had that shotgun (or rifle) cocked, or the shotgun (or rifle) landed on the uncocked hammer?

Better yet, tell us why the Police were holding a lever action rifle like it’s from a crime scene (rubber gloves) in the pic below? Yes, I saw the single shot shotgun they were carrying too. Difference is, the cop with the single shot shotgun didn’t have gloves on. If it was a rifle that was involved, the “Ol Grandmastah J” is either a liar or a weapons illiterate, imbecile.

The above looks like an old 30-30 Winchester, doesn’t it? The “Shotgun story doesn’t hold water with this pic, but we’ll continue with that story regardless.

OK, here’s where your story starts to smell like 3 day old fish in an enclosed trash can on a hot day. So the shotgun (or rifle) was pointed muzzle down when it fell to the ground? For the buckshot (or bullet) to hit the concrete, it would have had to be. For physics (read that as gravity) to make the “Non-safety equipped” shotgun (or rifle) go off, the butt would have had to hit the ground and it would have had to be cocked to make the trigger move rearward, discharging the firearm.


“Old School Joint”, Single shot, hammer equipped shotgun. Hammer is circled in red.

Lever Action 30-30 type rifle. The hammer is circled in red.

If the non-cocked (it wasn’t loaded and cocked was it?) external hammer equipped shotgun (or rifle) was dropped on it’s uncocked hammer and it discharged, the buckshot or bullet would not have hit concrete, it would have hit the NFACkers directly (See pics of shotgun and rifle above).

So the buckshot or bullet hit the ground and kicked up concrete shrapnel that dropped two guys in their tracks on the video?

He’s pointing at his shoulder where the second guy got hit.

So three people were hit by “concrete shrapnel”. One guy in the leg, one guy in the shoulder and one female in the arm. So within 1-2 feet of the ground (leg), within 3 1/2-4 feet of the ground (arm) and within 5-6 feet of the ground (shoulder)? Yeah, ok, all from a buckshot round ( or bullet) being fired into the concrete when it was dropped.

Even if, and that’s a big “IF”, his NFACkers were hit by “Concrete shrapnel, I’m curious what he believes defines the phrase “Got shot”?

I find his definition of “A formation” somewhat humorous. Nothing you’d see in the military or from what you’d consider to be Military Vets, right? Below is what the “Formation” looked like.

The “Formation” at the time of the shot. What are they going for, the “Shape of an ‘A’ Formation”?

Fitz is trying to play “Damage Control” and he’s failing abysmally. His people were hit by a bullet/bullets not “concrete shrapnel”. Whether it was from a shotgun with buckshot or a rifle, who cares?

Speakin’ of “Damage Control”, Ol’ Fitz” is trying to say they had 3,500 people “In uniform”. From what I observed in videos, it was probably about ten times less (about 350). He talked a lot of crap leading up to this event, so the inflation of his numbers is understandable, BS or not. Honestly though, I know a PA Militia guy who has done the same thing in radio interviews.

“White Folks” are the enemy huh? I would never have believed that having listened to a dozen of you videos LOL.

This last screenshot tells you everything you need to know about John F. Johnson and his NFACkers. This is their mindset and goals. Plan accordingly.


"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.