Airborne 373

When I first joined the military in 1988, Communists were considered the primary threat/enemy, specifically, the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic. To a lesser extent, the Communist Chinese were also a threat, but after Nixon “made friends”, they weren’t really considered an “Issue”…..right?


Fast forward to today, and we are now experiencing a Communist insurgency in our own country being waged by multiple entities. We understand that all of them, no matter the overt, publicly stated ideology, are striving towards the same ends. I grew up reading Soldier of Fortune magazine in the late 70’s and 80’s. One of the main topics of articles there was Communist Insurgency. More specifically, Communist insurgencies in places like Central and South America and Africa.

To make a long story short, many of the activities we are seeing and experiencing are following the playbook that, as a child, I watched play out in many of the aforementioned localities. We were told back then it was coming here. Well, IT’S HERE! Two examples would be Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM). They are Communist entities aimed at destroying our Nation’s traditions, history and ultimately our freedoms.


A couple Antifa Communists sporting their “Anti Fascist kit”.

Anyone who believes BLM is an outgrowth of a racial equality movement has not done their due diligence. This concerns the stated intent of its leadership and those supporting that group. Let’s take convicted terrorist, Susan Rosenberg as an example. She is part of a non profit in the fundraising arm of BLM.

She was a member of the May 19th Communist Organization (an offshoot of the Weather Underground) which supported the Black Liberation Army, and was convicted of bombing, among other things, the US Capital Building and the US Naval War Collage. She did 16 years on a 58 year sentence, the majority of which was commuted by Bill Clinton on his last day in office.

Susan Rosenburg

American Terrorist and BLM associate, Susan Rosenberg

The above is just one of the members for the “fundraising apparatus” for BLM. One of BLM’s Co-Founders, Patrisse Cullors, describes herself as “A trained Marxist”. That is all we need to know, to make some logical conclusions about what their end state goal is. This is what Marxists do. They attach themselves to causes which appear “Noble”, then encourage suppression of any person or entity that counters their argument by publicly “shaming” or accusing that opposition of being “haters”, racists”, sexists or any of the other applicable “ists” out there.

I’m not even going to mention why Antifa is an enemy of the American people and our way of life. If you do not know by now why they have been declared “Domestic Terrorists” by President Trump, you are living under a rock, or you are drowning in the “River of Denial”.

Antifa Commies

Antifa’s “finest”….

I wrote in late 2016 about the “Brief Reprieve” we’d been given by having Donald J Trump as our next President. That “reprieve” might shortly come to an end. I believe the next election, if it takes place, will be an event surrounded by an unprecedented level of violence. Considering some of the videos I’ve seen of late involving groups expressing their intent to commit violence towards White Citizens, or the taking and annexing of American soil for their new “Black Nation”, I don’t see how an event culminating with a fight along a number of fractured lines, doesn’t happen.

Although the though of that event taking place fills me with dread, I believe it has to take place before anything can even have a glimmer of hope to get better. One of the reasons I dread that taking place, is thinking about the safety of my family members. Although my oldest two Children are adults, my youngest Son is eight months old and unable to even try to defend himself. But alas, the line, “Wars are not just fought by childless men.” from the movie, “The Patriot” comes to mind. But here’s the deal, my priorities are God, Family, Country, and in that order. Even before my Country, my first priority and responsibility is towards protecting my Family.

Another reason for my dread is expressed in a quote from General Robert E Lee. “It is good that war is so terrible, lest we become too fond of it.”. Anyone who is an actual combat veteran understands what this means. Some of the best men I’ve ever known, fought along side of me. Some of the best (and funniest) experiences I’ve ever had, were with those men in some of the worst situations.


The last reason I will dread that situation taking place is that regardless of how it plays out, our United States of America will never be the same again, and will probably stay a fractured, balkanized conglomeration of States (if that) for the rest of existence. Is this bad? Maybe, maybe not.

From an overall International defensive status, it would probably be bad, depending on where you live. From a freedom to live as you would like, it would probably be better in many aspects, because some jackass 1,500 miles away isn’t making rules and regs for where you live and work.

If we don’t end up in a shooting war before President Trump’s 2020 election win (see what I did there) we probably will be as soon as that win is announced. I believe when groups like Antifa, BLM and NFAC (Not Fucking Around Coalition-No, I’m not kidding, they are that crass and full of ignorance) to name a few, blow their wad and open the “Pandoras Box” of their hatred of America and White people specifically, it will be “Weapons Free” for those who have been patient and tolerated their abuse. At that point, I believe they will get their asses handed to them.


NFACer trying to intimidate a visitor to Stone Mountain on July 4th, 2020

At that point, I believe President Trump will have to make a choice. He will have to purge the Federal Government of the Communists and their supporters who have been undermining him his whole first term, while simultaneously rallying his base to physically fight off (good Ol’ Second Amendment territory) the threat that has manifest itself in our country. His other choice is to ignore what is going on and probably lose the Country if he exercises that level of ignorance.

I believe that, regardless, it will be a bloodbath not unlike those we’ve seen in “real time” across the world in places like Bosnia and Rwanda (a good friend saw this in person and his stories are just….DAMN!). Any person that want’s a “Black Nation” (or anything else based on skin color as the prerequisite for citizenship) is the antithesis to what this Nation was founded on and obviously has not done their historical “Due diligence”, regarding how that will obviously turn out.

No, you’re not gonna make a “Wakanda”, you realize that’s “fiction”, right? Don’t give me some BS about the Founders being a bunch of racists. You and your BS won’t even get published in the comment stream. “Reparations”? Kiss my ass. I can actually prove none of my ancestry ever had a slave (not that I need to), can you prove yours were slaves in this country?

These groups are using “Racism” as their stated purpose because that is a method historically used by Communists to tear down a nation internally. Tearing down statues and destroying that Nation’s history is another Communist tactic. Understand, in the end, Communists don’t give two Damns about your perceived racial equality or inequality or how you are treated. You and your “Cause” are just a means to an end for them.

Prepare yourself for what’s to come. I don’t believe it will be pleasant. Organize your friends, family and neighborhood to defend itself against events like we’ve seen acted out recently in placed like Minneapolis and Atlanta. Defense, First Aid, Shelter, Water and Food are your “Order of Priorities” list in these situations. If it starts at the time of the election, we’ll be fighting in the Winter. Are you prepared to fight in cold weather?

Make sure you are keeping a eye on who is supporting whom and who the sell outs and shills are. This will be important info when things start to pop. As an example I’ve seen recently, the last thing you want is to be associated with a so called “Constitutional” militia leader who has ties and affiliations with groups like “The John Brown Gun Club” (they roll with Antifa). Someone like that is a snake in your midst and will screw you when it’s convenient for his well being or bottom line.

It’s come to the time to choose a side. Today’s “Going along to get along” and “Tolerance” are tag-lines used by those who are cowards and and afraid to speak their mind about what is right and fair. We’ve all been guilty of it, but you can only take so much before you tell a blathering, idiot activist to go pound sand with his convenient “facts” all the while waiting for him to call you a “Racist” or one of the other “ists” we’re being accused of these days.


"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.