I was lookin’ to do some video editing this morning and realized Ol’ “J-J-Ron” has been doing some editing of his own, thus erasing some of the violent rhetoric he’s been espousing in said videos on his YouTube page. Below are screenshots from the same time in the same video, but a week apart.

Note the “current time” in the video at the bottom of the video (yellow circle, left side), then note how long the overall video is supposed to last (same yellow circle, right side). Guess he had to rethink certain terminology, due to his need to kiss politicians’ asses.

What does this tell us? It lets us know he’s getting some push back from his inner circle. If you think this arrogant, narcissistic wannabee would change anything he’s said and already published, without it being directed by his “Inner Circle/Handlers”, you are crazy.

Now, on the other hand, if he’s a fraud and not the “Lewis Farrakhan/Samuel L Jackson Love child” he appears to be, that’s a whole different story, and could indicate there are more nefarious purposes behind his end state goal. Who knows, but it’s food for thought.


"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.


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