Bedford County, PA, which is practically in my back yard, has many good memories for me. First is that one of my favorite restaurants resides there, that restaurant being “The Road Kill Cafe”. Great food, great prices and a great atmosphere. Juniata Trade Company is one of my favorite gun shops, and the same applies for the people and prices. Next on my list of great Bedford County memories is the times I’ve bear hunted in that area. Finally, would be the people I’ve known and trained with up there, and we’ll just leave it at that.

You know, I realize the BLM’s decision making matrix is probably akin to milking the prostate of a grizzly boar, but Damn, really? Taking your communist driven, “Trail of Tears” protest through a rural town late at night, pulling into a private parking area and obviously being noisy about it (on a work night no less!) is what I’d call, “F#@kin’ the wood chipper”. Here’s the story.

After all the press BLM and Antifa has received of late, they’re lucky no one was killed, let alone that multiple individuals weren’t shot by “The Mossy Oak Militia” (NC Scout’s term LOL). I believe BLM, Antifa, and any other terrorist organization that decides to invade and threaten these types of towns, are in for a rude awakening.

Look at that, using a spotlight on a guy’s house in the middle of the night! This was before the shooting started. We’ve seen them do this in other places recently, haven’t we?

Yeah, I said “threaten”. After the show these commies have put on elsewhere around the Nation, everything they do has to be perceived through the lens of “implied threat”, and they’ve made the top of the “Threats” list for many.

My suggestion to them is to plan accordingly, because we already have. Their best bet is to steer clear of the burbs and rural enclaves and head to those places that are full of effeminate, entitled Soy Betas Boys who want nothing more than to suck on a Commie “latte”.


"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared


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