In the Book and Movie, “Lord of the Rings” a pivotal part was when the “Warning Beacons of Gondor” were lit. This was a method used to alert friends in far away places that you were under attack and needed aid. Yes, I know it was a fictional piece, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take away some relevant ideas from the story.

I came up with a system a while back, that could be used in rural farming communities, or in small neighborhoods, and it would not only give the person receiving the message, the identity of the actual group under, but a clear bearing at night to where the trouble is.

The system I have uses two devices, a marine/boating air horn, and a 26.5mm Polish flare pistol (I bought mine from these guys). The air horn is pretty easy to still find, but the Polish flare pistols I have are very hard to come by right not. That’s not to say you can’t find, them or something similar, you’ll just have to do a thorough search.

A note on safety, be careful what kind of flares or flare guns you use. If it says “For Marine Use”, I’d stay away from using it over land if you’re near any type of wooded terrain. Flares designed for use over land, are designed to extinguish well above ground level to cut down on starting a fire. I like the older style flare pistols because they are reusable, but if you have access to military type parachute flares, go for it.

The signal system works like this. Everyone who is tagged as a “Beacon” will be assigned a number of blasts and have a flare gun. When an attack takes place, the “Beacon” initiating the “Call” (we’ll call it Post #1) will initially give a long blast (example, 5 seconds) twice to get everyone’s attention. After waiting at least 30 seconds, the “Beacon” will then give the number of short blasts they are assigned (example, 3 blasts) twice, ten seconds apart.

At that time, every “Beacon” down the line will repeat the same number of blasts (the number of blasts assigned to Post #1) to alert everyone in the “Beacon Chain”. Repeating it down the line is to assure the group that everyone will hear it, and everyone knows what number of blasts are assigned to what posts.

If the attack takes place in a low or no light condition, the “Beacon” initiating (Post #1) will wait thirty more seconds, then fire a red flare from the flare pistol straight up in the air. At that time, the responding Defenders (from different areas) will fire a green flare into the air, acknowledging they know of the attack and are on the way.

Left to right, 26.5mm Polish Flare Pistol with flare case holster. A box of white illumination flares, a box of red signal flares and a box of green signal flares.

Obviously, the use of radio communication in this situation would be a great help, but is not mandatory to get the job done. Another use of the Polish flare pistols I have, is the ability to fire a white illumination parachute flare from it. Here again, Night Vision Devices would be a great help, but not a mandatory item to take the fight to the bad guys.

Picture this. You’re a bad guy with a bunch of other bad guys (Antifa, Burn-Loot-Murder, etc.), intent on lighting up a neighborhood, whether to start shooting or assaulting people in their homes, home invasion robberies or whatever else these asswads have come up with to terrorize the populace.

You drive into the development you checked out earlier, only his time, you have a couple carloads of people with you. You pull up to the targeted cluster of homes and start your terrorizing activities. All of a sudden, you hear an airhorn going off multiple times.

It keeps blasting away, then you start hearing airhorns from all over that area going off. Then you hear a “Whoosh”, and see a red flare going straight up from one of your target houses….then you see a bunch of green flares going up all over the neighborhood. Thirty seconds go by, then a white illumination flare lights up straight above you, showing everyone coming to “Greet” you, exactly where you are. How do you think Archie Antifa or Bubba-Leroy-Malcolm are gonna react to that?

I have a feeling they’re gonna look for some red slippers to tap together and get the flock outa there. Now imagine that you had a planned that if something like this happened in your neighborhood, Old Mr. Johnson would park his old dump truck across the exit to your neighborhood, so no others could get in….OR OUT! Just sayin’, prior proper plannin’ prevents piss poor performance.

Add to this, some in your neighborhood or group actually have night vision devices and IR lasers for their weapons and are squared away on commo equipment and a solid commo plan. Well, you do the math. This is just a plan I came up with, what you might come up with could be very squared away, but takes the skills and equipment your group has available to it into account. Good luck.


"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.
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