I’ve been asked many times why someone should bother paying for training when they can get it from YouTube or a manual. My answer is always that, although they can figure out some basics in a well done YouTube video or well written manual, you will not be told whether you are doing it right, and you also will not be told by the experienced instructor, how to maybe improve or make your application more efficient in execution. As an example, the Post header pic is of two students performing the “Low Crawl”.

Some Echo Valley Training Center ranges.

As many Instructors like NC Scout will tell you, it takes time to prepare for a class, especially if it’s away from your normal training area. I am very fortunate that one of my primary training sites is Echo Valley Training Center. This facility has multiple 100, 200 and 300 meter “Square” ranges, a “Jungle Lane” (the one I use the most), a 360 degree “Drive-in” range, a “Shoot House” and a Long Range Shooter” lane. There is also an obstacle course if you want to test your physical fitness.

C.R., Owner of EVTC, is always a big help with the “OpFor” side of my tactical classes.

Another Instructor’s training being conducted at EVTC

C.R., the owner of EVTC, has been a good friend of mine for a good while and has the same philosophy that many of us in the Liberty/Prepping/Survivalist movement have. Although he has been seriously screwed over by a few “Trainers” in our movement (“Mountain Guerrilla-Mosby” being one of them and for thousands of dollars), C.R. still has a desire to help people have access to a facility that helps them get what they need, training wise.

More than a few in the Preparedness movement are fortunate enough to have Combat Arms training or actual combat experience in the military, that can be applied to defensive or trauma/first aid needs in a grid down/without rule of law scenario.

If you do not have that background, I encourage you to look into training from a reputable, experienced trainer. As an example, I have attended NC Scout’s “RTO Basic” course, and can tell you from my previous Mil experience, that he is giving you the real “dope” for running a radio net and other training for the preparedness minded.

There are other trainers that I know of, but unless I’ve been to one of their classes, I don’t give recommendations for them anymore. I’ll give you some examples of what not to attend.

  1. Does the Instructor have actual experience teaching the topic at hand? If the “Instructor” was a Cop (but has no other “bona fides”), and is now teaching “Infantry type”, small unit tactics, that’s a problem, since Cops are not taught those kind of tactics. You do that “Math”.
  2. What is the Instructor’s “Safety Rep”? I’ve seen some pretty disturbing videos of one “Instructor” specifically, allowing so many safety violations on a live fire “Team event”, that I can’t believe there were no injuries, due to a lack of safe weapon’s handling.
  3. What is the Instructor’s rep with students and facility owners, whether it’s interaction before, during or after the class? There are a few that have a terrible rep, concerning their attitude and treatment of students, the handling of funds, and/or keeping their “Word” on their monetary deals made with facility owners or students.

The next class for Mason Dixon Tactical is coming up on November 7th and 8th and it will be at EVTC. The class being taught in is the Rural Buddy team Essentials Course. This class teaches basic Individual and Buddy Team skills used to move, while armed, through a hostile environment, and also the prerequisites for setting up a defensive position when you are not on the move.

Since we now have a “Ballistic” facility to run “Building Clearance” training, basic single floor building/room clearing as an Individual and as a Buddy Team are now part of the RBTEC class as well as the standard topics listed on the website. Starting in 2021, this subject will also be it’s own two day class.

I will be accepting applications for the Nov 7-8 class up through Monday, October 26th and after that, up through the class date on a case by case basis. Don’t be the “Bump” that didn’t even slow the bad guys down, get some training.

Hope to see you there.


"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.