A week ago I was arriving home from my weekly visit to my mother who lives 185-miles away. I try to get down to her regularly if the weather is good to run errands and spend some time with her. Arriving home, I pulled into my drive way and there sitting on my lawn was a beautiful male white and brown Siberian Husky with a halter. I got out of the car and it ran over to me then took off across our dirt road to my neighbors property. I chuckled and walked down to the cabin.

As I walked into the cabin I said to MrsMac, “hey hon I am home. Did you see that Siberian Husky outside?”

She held up her two hands and said, “yes it attacked me when I tried to shoo it off the porch. It was attacking the outside cats on the porch.” She filled me in on some more details. I grabbed my Springfield Armory AR pistol and walked out of the house aiming to put that dog down.

He wasn’t on my property so I walked over to my neighbors property. My neighbor lets call him Tom, was loading up his outside wood burning boiler. I asked him, “hey Tom. Is there a Siberian Husky around your house?”

He closed the boiler door clapped the dust from his hands and said, “yeah. He showed up sometime early this morning. We think it belongs to a guy in town.” Now town is all of ~800 residents and four miles away.

Tom went on to explain that his daughter put a post on FaceBook about the dog on a town site and she received a response. The dog belonged to XYZ. The person who responded from town told her that they would let the owner know.

I explained to Tom that the dog attacked MrsMac and was going to put the dog down. His daughter who had joined the conversation told us that the dog had nipped her in the thigh when she tried to capture the dog and put him on a lead earlier in the day. He didn’t break the skin but she had developed a nice black & blue bruise.

By this time Tom’s whole family had gathered and was watching the drama happening in real time. I could see the Siberian Husky hiding up in Tom’s vegetable garden and decided, wrong or right, to not put it down then and there. I thanked Tom and walked back home.

Upon entering the house I asked MrsMac to get ready as I was going to take her to the ER at out 30-bed rural hospital. She started to protest but acquiesced and started to get ready. While she was getting ready I called the State Trooper barracks. Well that was a waste of time as there was no Trooper available to come to our house for a dog bite. The Sergeant recommended that I take my wife to the hospital ASAP which I did.

At the hospital, she was taken care of very quickly and efficiently by a RN and Doctor while I filled out a mountain of paperwork. They washed out her wounds and gave her a tetanus shot and loosely wrapped her wounds. They also gave her a script for an antibiotic.

It is a little over a week since the attack and MrsMac is doing well. Her wounds are healing nicely. The Doctor was worried about ligament damage but as of this writing she can now close her thumb and pinky fingers now.

Okay, the reason for this story is not to whine but to caution all the AP readership of normalcy bias. Normalcy bias is a disease we all succumb to at times in our lives. Stay vigilant folks. There is a Siberian Husky right around the corner from you or a member of your family just waiting. Especially, with November 3 only ten days off.

Stay vigilant!

Freedom Through Self-Reliance

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