Had planned on acquiring an AR 10 in mid to late 2021, however the present events changed my time table considerably. Had my good friend Dave Lauck put together a precision AR 10 with rails for a PVS 30 and IR illumination.  Topped it with a Night Force NXS 3.5-15 second focal plane scope.
Test firing by Dave showed it reliably functioned with M118LR and produced groups at 100 yards of under 0.5 MOA – 0.35” for a 3 round group to be exact. Precision shooters would tout any bolt gun with this accuracy, but to see this degree of accuracy in a semi auto carbine is phenomenal to say the least!
Dave Lauck is the owner of D&L Sports, Inc., custom builder of several of the finest weapons found anywhere in the world and is recognized as the foremost expert on the 1911 platform. He has built custom 1911s for a long list of celebrities as well as President Donald Trump and was awarded “Pistolsmith of the Year” by American Pistolsmiths Guild in 2012. His AR-15 carbines have frequently been used among top-tier competitors and his sniper weapon system, the MR-30, was featured as the Black King Rifle in the TV Series Shooter.