In the past year, I’ve had many conversations with acquaintances, Friends and Family about the upcoming election. Long before “No Go Joe” was the pick for the Democrats, there were many concerns about what the Democrats (read that as “Communists”) would do if they won, to make Classical Americans “pay” for the “indiscretion” of electing Donald Trump in 2016.

The bio-weapon, known as the “Wuhan Virus”, “Chinese Virus”, “WuFlu”, etc. just reinforced, for even the most skeptical, that many in power are tyrants in nature, and will control every facet of your life if we let them. President Trump has given us a tremendous gift, by letting State officials make the “call”, and by doing that, show their true tyrannical intentions.

I believe President Trump will “Sweep the field” on Tuesday, with an overwhelming surge of support that can’t be countered by any number of mail-in ballots. This instance presents us with another likely possibility, and that is the Communists “Going for broke” in response to that win.

I believe the Commies will do this for several reasons.

  1. They have never been so close to destroying the “America” so hated by Communists for decades. Between our National failure at protecting our children from the Marxists in the education arena, to allowing avowed Communists to even set foot in our halls of government or Justice, we have earned our dilemma.
  2. Many who desire to implement a tyranny which places them at it’s apex, have tried to gain it through the use of the Communists. They could care less about the sycophant’s ideology of Communism/Marxism. The only the part they adhere to is “The ends justify the means”.
  3. Many misguided individuals, supporting a mantra of claimed “racism and inequality”, have allowed their immature, uneducated and ridiculous beliefs to be hijacked by a group that, once again, can be traced back to a Marxist and Communist agenda. Those imbeciles are supporting a group that has proven time and time again they could care less about their racial brethren, and desire an end to what America stands for, no matter the cost.
  4. Many Youths (and the not so “Youthful”) are supporting multiple groups whose desire, they believe, is to cause anarchy for anarchy’s sake. The desire to “shake things up” and “not follow the rules” is being manipulated by Communists at the top of that “Food chain”, and once again, being used to forward their “Anti America”, anti-freedom agenda.

Many of the above actors are now in serious jeopardy of being arrested, tried and convicted of numerous crimes, ranging from “Sedition” (conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.), to “Insurrection” (a violent uprising against an authority or government.), to “Treason” (the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.). They have to “Go for broke”, or face prison time or maybe even the gallows.

What can we do to stop them?

  • First, go vote on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.
  • Second, have the preps you’ve been collecting (you’ve been prepping, right?) inventoried and ready for use if/when they are needed, due to unrest or outright civil war breaking out.
  • Third, have a plan in place with Family, Friends and/or neighbors to defend your neighborhood and community from the many threats being posed across the Nation.

The threat the above listed people pose is real, the question is, are you? Are you someone who talks a good game about being prepared and being a Liberty minded American, or are you the person who only makes those claims for the kudos received by the under-prepared or less staunchly outspoken advocates of Freedom?

Having preps like first-aid, food and firearms is great, but you need to ask yourself, have I prepared to be able to use those firearms and that first-aid gear in a way that will efficiently protect me and mine? If possible, have you prepared your home for defense? If it’s not able to be protected, have you identified a location to go that is defensible? Have you received training on how to use those firearms, and conduct a defense individually and with the support of others?

Both NC Scout and I conduct training geared towards personal and group defense, so you should “Get you some” ASAP. good luck this next week, Hopefully, at the latest, we will know the outcome by the end of the week, if not Tuesday night. Good luck to you all, and in ending, the following is a quote from “Julius Caesar” that I believe is fitting to this time and situation.

“O that a man might know

The end of this day’s business ere it come!

But it sufficeth that the day will end

And then the end is known.”


“Parata Vivere”-Live Prepared.

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