There have been plenty of times I was concerned or downright depressed about what appeared to be a “Logical” outcome to who would be calling the shots for my State or Nation for the next period of years. This is not one of those times. When Clinton was elected in ’92. I was concerned, but maybe not as concerned as I should have been, considering what was to come. Ruby Ridge, Waco and the Oklahoma City Bombing come to mind.

When Obama was elected, I was very concerned. A guy with a past like his, and a desire to “Fundamentally change our Nation” gave many of us a gut feeling of impending dread, and it was completely warranted. He did fundamentally change some things, and he caused many hard-working Americans a level of health, monetary and psychological grief, that is still felt by many.

While Clinton and Obama gave a “Reason” that the militia could point to for existence. Many did not know, or had forgotten that the militias existence has always been as a community’s deterrent to the existence of any possible foe, whether they be criminal, political or foreign. You do not need a “Clinton”, “Obama” or “Biden” to act upon what should be a Duty.

All that needs to be observed through Time Immemorial is the understanding that many human beings, by nature, are evil, greedy and power-hungry creatures. Forming and maintaining a fighting force within the community is not only a good idea, but an implied responsibility. While the National Guard was initially a good idea, its usefulness as a “Community Defender” has been dropped by the wayside, in favor of a quasi-State funded and controlled force for the Federal Government.

To make the point, how many States have actual Combat Arms Units in their Jurisdiction? Sorry, but if all you have is a Battalion of MP’s and a Transportation Company or other “Support” unit, you do not have a Community Defense Force. If those units are located in a couple of the largest cities in your State, and they are hours away from a large portion of the rest of the communities in the State, you do not have a Community Defense Force.

Law Enforcement is not a “Community Defense Force”. For the most part, they are neither properly equipped, properly trained or properly organized to perform that task, and honestly, you don’t want them to be. Hell, they have not been allowed (they followed orders) to operate in many cities as any type of “Community Defense Force” throughout a lot of what we have seen take place throughout the last year and with the many full on community attacks being conducted by a Communist Insurgency.

President Donald Trump will see a second term. I can say this without hesitation because, for everything we have seen in the last week and a half, concerning voter fraud, vote tampering and ballot box stuffing, there is a lot we don’t know about that the Trump Administration does. Things on the State level are looking better for many, and this has carried over, in many ways, to the Federal House and Senate.

One, “Worst Case” scenario is that Biden gets in and tries to mess with many of our Rights as Americans. What are you gonna do if he does? If you are in a situation at this point where you are not prepared for being denied access to your local food suppliers, but are also not prepared to defend your home and community from those that wish you harm (whether Federal, State or civilian), my question is, “Where the Hell have you been and what the Hell have you been doing with your time and resources in the last 10 months?”.

A second, “Worst Case” scenario is when President Trump is announced as the winner of the election, the Communists and those who have used them to criminally manipulate the system for their gain, “Go for broke” and start full on attacks in many localities. There is only one response the bad guys in this scenario deserves from the Citizenry, and if I need to spell it out for you, you’re either a troglodyte, delusional or a coward.

Quit acting like the “Impending Doom” coming is something you haven’t prepared and trained for. If you haven’t prepared for it with supplies, explain to me why you’re even reading posts on this site. If you don’t already possess the skills to use your preps and haven’t sought training to learn how to effectively handle your defensive and medical preps, as stated above, “Why are you here on AP?”.

You will never be fully prepared. If you haven’t figured that out by now, you haven’t been preparing long enough. What you can do is start with the basics and continue to build on those as a lifestyle, not a Damned hobby. I’ve been prepping for over three decades, and still don’t have some preps I’d like. What I do have, is the basics covered, in depth, and the majority of my trauma care and defensive needs squared away.

We will win this fight! First, with President Trump getting a second term, and second, our fight with the Communists when they come to our neighborhoods, as a response to President Trump’s re-election. That response is a foregone conclusion, simply because most of those who will attack Americans and American communities are either die hard commies, those who use “Communism” as a cover for their corruption and are about to be outed and prosecuted, or the moronic followers of the first two.

Across the Nation, there were many positive outcomes of this election. Trump winning re-election after the initial Court fight, then activating the Insurrection Act against those who will try to make the ongoing Coup full bore kinetic will just be the finale of this chapter of “Making America Great Again”.


“Parata Vivere”- Live Prepared.

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