As I said in a previous post, Joe Biden will not be the President of the United States. Sitting behind the Oval Office desk, does not make one, the President. Living in the White House does not make one, the President. Signing laws put forth by the U.S. Congress, does not make one the President.
The only thing that makes a person, President of the United States is a mandate from the People of the U.S., through the voting process, and that vote being affirmed by the Legislatures of the individual States. This did not happen in many States, thus, Joes Biden is not the President of the United States, he’s only a Resident of the White House.
With that being said, Joe Biden is in a position to adversely affect the lives of hundreds of millions of American Citizens. His first couple days in office have proven this with many Executive Orders he’s signed, specifically to role back freedom oriented changes President Trump had made in the last four years. We all know more is yet to come, and none of it is good for those who supported President Donald Trump and a freedom oriented agenda and Nation.
What have we lost? In a nutshell, “breathing room”. What have we gained? A more laser focused purpose. We are now “Behind the lines” of a Nation under the direct control of a greedy puppet, installed by the Communist Chinese Party. The majority in Congress are either willing participants in supporting that foreign regime, or have been compromise by them, through some form of illegal debauchery knowledge that the CCP and it’s minions are now blackmailing them with.
The Courts have proven to be useless teets on a feral feline. Across the board, their lack of participation in the cases brought by President Trump’s legal team to prove a huge level of voter fraud, and with that, nullification of the votes cast by those States, were avoided or ignored. The same Courts in many States were all too willing to allow modification to what was allowed, concerning different types of voting. They purposefully ignored many States Constitutional mandate requiring the Legislatures of those States to be the ones who would approve any changes made to methods and places of voting.
Where does this leave us? Is this the beginning of a Venezuela like spiral into anarchy? Is our border now a defacto “Iron Curtain”? Well, yes and no. Do I think Resident Biden will royally “Screw the pooch”? Yes, I do. Do I think we have many advantages to the above mentioned locations? Absolutely!
We. as Civilians, are armed like no other Nation on Earth. We are even better armed now, than we were even ten months ago, due to the fears of what China Virus anarchy might bring. Can Resident Biden and his Communist lackeys in the Congress take those arms away from us? They can try, but if we let them do it without a fight, we deserve the chains they will shackle us with.
Millions of Americans are better prepared to feed, protect and support their families now, than they were ten months ago, thanks to the China Virus. I know personally, I was prepared before the China Virus scare started, and I am even more prepared now. Anyone who hasn’t prepared due to just that one event, let alone the others we’ve seen in recent months, is a foolish troglodyte, who deserves what they get. Don’t tell me you’re poor and couldn’t make any preparations. There are many preps that just require some sacrifice, ingenuity and extra effort to boost your level of preparedness over what you might have had already.
Many have coordinated defensive plans with the Family, Friends and Neighbors, due to fears from the China Virus and the many riots we watched erupt across our nation. These plans are not null and void now. On the contrary, they might be needed more now, than this past Summer. Proper motivation might be gained from reading about the French Resistance, or maybe from our own resistance efforts against the British in the 1770’s and 1780’s.
This is not the situation we found ourselves in in the early 1990’s. As a group, Freedom minded, Americans are better prepared logistically, better armed and better trained martially than the 1990’s manifestation of ourselves. Add to that, the level of information we have, regarding the regime in place, and why it is illegitimate, and you gain a high level of confidence in what we are about, what the cause we endorse means and how we plan on moving forward, towards regaining the freedoms we are going to most assuredly lose, due to edicts from the Communists in power.
Make no mistake, they want Trump supporters to feel “The Pain”. Financially, mentally and physically. They say they are coming after “Insurrectionists”, “Domestic Terrorists”, “Racists” and “White Nationalist Extremists”.
“Insurrectionists”? Bitch please, the Leftist Communists in power have defined this term for years, so stick it in your “Fourth Point of Contact”.
“Domestic Terrorists”? Sorry, but once again, your BLM/Antifa minions have defined this “blanket” term for years, so spare me the epithets towards my demographic.
“Racist”? You’ve basically defined being “White” as racist, so again, shove it in a dark place that obviously gets little use since you’re full of it.
“White Nationalist Extremist”? I heard this term from Representative Eric Swalwell. He’s looking forward to being back on the House DHS committee to help root out and defeat “White Nationalist Extremists”. Coming from a treasonous, CCP owned, Pelosi lackey, who was caught “Leavening the bread” of a Chinese Communist spy, I find his lack of introspection, disturbing.
Well, let’s see. I’m “White”, I’m “Pro America” and I know my position on how this election was stolen by Communists is considered “Extreme” by those same Communists. Are you coming after me Swallowell? Of course you won’t but those “Door Kickers” who want favor from the Regime will. I have a feeling those “Door Kickers” will find the response to their actions, “Less than optimal”.
Of course, hypocrisy and a lack of introspection is part and parcel for the group of Representatives and Senators who have made billions off of the positions of representation the American People trusted them with. The supporters of Communism have made themselves known to all, and they’ve “made their bed”, so to speak.
As many others did, I was hoping for the best outcome, but planning for the worst. The best would have been violence by the Communists due to President Trump remaining in the Presidency. The worst is what we appear to have now, a Communist Regime that is supported by majorities in both Houses, and apparently, by the Courts.
Do not despair. Look to many in the past that had to deal with even worst conditions than we have right now, and they triumphed. The “Rebels” of the Revolutionary War, triumphed. The “Forrest Brothers”, and French “Resistance” of World War II triumphed. You have a wealth of knowledge, on how they won, at your fingertips, and you have many Combat-Experienced Veterans around who knows how to fight and how it is won.
This is not the time for depression and despondency, this is the time for resolve and focus. Assess where you are at, first with your mindset, then with your level of preparedness. Determine where you need to make modifications, then DO IT! To get your mindset right, concerning what we might see, watch “The Chekist” and “Amerika”.
“The Chekist”


Both movies, especially “The Chekist” are bleak reminders of the depravity of man against other men. Many times, reality is very bleak and dark. At those times, a person’s mindset will either make or break their chances of survival. Giving up is not in the DNA of Americans. Our Forefathers experienced some of the bleakest times imaginable, and they came out the other side, not only victorious, but with a new sense of purpose that has defined this Country to the World for centuries.
We need to revive and renew that sense of purpose, in ourselves and in our communities, because “Individuals” and “Communities” is what made this Nation great, not Washington D.C. and their cesspool of corruption. Continue to organize, equip and train. If you have not, START! A lot of “Heavy Lifting” will need to be done to get us back to where we need to be as Communities and as a Nation.
To quote some cliché movie lines, you need to decide whether you are of the “Star Trek, The Next Generation”, “We are the Borg, it is useless to resist us.” crowd, or the “Terminator Salvation”, “If you are hearing this, you are the Resistance.” group.
God Bless and keep you,


"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.