Read this, then tell me there is no precedent for action by the American people. It’s all about “Scale”, “Guts” and “Faith”.
Scale: Athens Tennessee was a small town when compared to the United States as a whole, but, if directed, the millions of Americans that would “Step up” and take care of business boggles the mind.
Guts: Many Americans are lazy and gutless. It’s been proven time and time again by the numbers willing to accept a continually enlarging welfare state. It’s also been proven by the people’s willing acceptance of the draconian laws, regs and control measures that have been foisted upon the American people, just in the past year.
With that said, there is a large percentage of the population, our Veterans, that have proven time and time again that their intestinal fortitude needs only someone or some thing to direct it’s energy, and the Oath Vets have taken doesn’t expire.
Faith: The Faith that Americans need to be able to have in the electoral process. The Faith Americans want to have in our elected and appointed officials. The Faith that America’s Representatives need to have that Americans will pull them out of their respective houses and hold them to account for lying to us and trying to destroy our way of life. Finally, the Faith in our God to let the grand experiment, known as the United States, continue and allow us to learn from our many mistakes, and resoundingly correct them.

Here’s an interesting quote from this post.
“First, the men ran one of their own, a GI named Knox Henry, for sheriff. They wanted fair elections, so they petitioned the FBI to monitor, a request which was denied. The machine, for their part, imported 200 strong arms to “protect” the polling places from voters. In one case, a deputy pointed his revolver at a GI, ejecting him from the polling station and telling him “If you sons of bitches cross this street I’ll kill you!” Poll watchers were arrested and in one case, a black poll watcher was shot. Finally, the party machine locked the ballot boxes up in the county jail.”
What do you think our children, children’s children and future Citizens will say about what we did in this time of crisis? Will there be a sign posted by the Communist winners of this contest, insisting on the error of the “Insurrectionists”, and “Domestic Terrorists” ways, and how they were roundly defeated by the “Peoples Democratic Republic of Amerika.”? Or, will it say, “On this day, Americans rose up in opposition to an attempted Coup, and dropped the Communists where they stood.”?


"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.