Heightened threat environment across the United States
Threat against who or what? If you’re talking about an active threat against the Communists presently in power, I don’t think they’ve seen anything yet. If the DHS thinks they saw a “riot” or “Insurrection” in DC on January 6th, they are delusional, and as with others forwarding that paradigm, they are using it to forward their own tyrannical agenda through a false narrative. Maybe they’re just talkin’ about the Antifa antics out in the Northwest….right?
Which DHS believes will persist in the weeks following the successful Presidential Inauguration.

  1. Why only weeks? Why does it expire on April 30th? Will they have totally consolidated their grip on the Nation by that point? Maybe passed a “Patriot Act 2.0” by that point because of some “False Flag” event they are planning to put into motion?
  2. A “Successful Presidential Inauguration”? “Coronation”, yes, “Inauguration”, no. Why would it not have been “Successful” with over thirty thousand Troops present and it being filmed earlier than it was broadcast?

Information suggests
Like the “Information” that they issued to Law Enforcement on January 13th, concerning the threat of “Armed Protests” and the “Storming” of Local, State and Federal Courthouses and administrative buildings? You know, the advisory that DHS said, “Open source media reports the FBI issued a bulletin” in. I’m curious why DHS didn’t quote the FBI “Bulletin” directly, instead of using “Open Source Media” as the source? Things that make you say, “Hmmm”.
Some ideologically-motivated violent extremists
By “Ideologically-Motivated” you mean those who KNOW the election was stolen from President Trump, and believe that everything and everyone from the Congress, to the Judiciary, to many State Governors and their underlings, to the media that are all complicit actors in a Coup d’état against the United States, right? Of course, under “King” Biden, the Feds will go back to protecting actual terrorists and saying people like Vets and returning “Combat deployed” Soldiers are threats to the Nation internally (April 7, 2009 MIAC Report).
“Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are
attractive to rightwing extremists. DHS/I&A is concerned that rightwing
extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to
boost their violent capabilities.”
I bet they were and are concerned. We now have almost 20 years worth of “Combat Vets” from recent wars. They are the biggest risk to an oppressive regime, because they know how to take it back.
With objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the Presidential transition
I think the term, “Objections” is probably an understatement, concerning how tens of millions of Americans feel about a theft of our Nation’s highest positions. Just because a group of Government Officials (Congress, the Judiciary and the Vice President) do it, doesn’t mean it is Constitutional, legal or that they have the “Authority” to do it. There was no “Presidential Transition”, there was a power grab by Communists working for a foreign power, primarily the Communist Chinese Party.
As well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives

  1. “Perceived Grievances”? We have the “Evidence”, so it’s not about perception grievances, it’s about a REALISTIC EXPECTATION OF A FAIR HEARING AND VOTE! But you couldn’t even entertain that possibility in the Federal Courts, could you? That might lead to an unmasking of even more evidence of voter fraud than the American People were already privy to.
  2. “False Narratives”? If they were false, why didn’t you allow the highest court in the land to address it as such, thus giving the “perception” (there’s that word again) of a valid appeal? As said above, you couldn’t afford the possibility of what would come out. Considering what we already know, I can only imagine how much more egregious the info is that the public does not know about.

Could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence
If the American People decide, at this point, to mobilize, all the alphabet soup agencies in the world will not be able to stop them. The only violence going on right now is that being done by Antifa. Funny how we haven’t seen a “Bulletin” concerning them, huh? Weren’t they classified as “Domestic Terrorists” by President Trump?
National Terrorism Advisory System
Take note when the last bulletin was issue. It was about Iran in January of 2020.
As my good Friend NC Scout has already said, concerning the FCC Bulletin about personal and HAM radio use, they are setting the stage for bigger things. We all know, false flags are already prepped for activation when the time is right. Could be they’re gonna use April 19th as the date, thus, the reason for the alert to go through April 30th. We also know the False-Flag Bureau of Instigation (FBI) is just chomping at the bit to do their part to protect their Communist masters.
Be prepared, Be aware, Stay alert, Stay alive.

"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.