Here’s an interesting read on what might be about to come. It’ll be fine, it’s not like they have both houses and “The President Reject” is saying any Trump supporters are “Domestic Terrorists”…. and it’s not like they didn’t have a large bill (the “Patriot” Act) ready to present right after 9/11.
Here’s a question, if they redefine the term “Patriot” as being related to domestic terrorism, will they have to change the title of “The Patriot Act”? If not, that would mean anyone who has enforced that Act are domestic terrorists and need to be prosecuted. Just sayin’….
A fight is coming. Whether it is Americans against a new CCP controlled Communist regime, whether it is Americans fighting alongside President Trump against those who tried to overthrow him as the duly elected President, or whether it is against outside forces who see this as a perfect opportunity to strike, it does not matter. The only difference is the scale.