1) Tactics – Platoon Size, Formations and Movement Techniques

2) Tactics – Infantry Platoon Movement and Route Planning

3) Tactics – Platoon Objective Rally Point (ORP)

4) Tactics – Point Ambush

5) Tactics – Area Reconnaissance

6) Tactics – Movement to Contact

7) Tactics – Crossing a Linear Danger Area (LDA) and Open Danger Area (ODA)

8) Tactics – Platoon Raid

9) Tactics: Patrol Base

10) Tactics: Perimeter Defense

11) Tactics: Radio Communications and Operations- Code Words, Call Signs, and Radio Checks

12) Tactics: Platoon Attack

13) Infantry Platoon: Squad Roles and Functions

14) Tactics: Breaching Operations and SOSRA Fundamentals

15) Tactics: Platoon Main Infantry Missions Overview

16) Five Point Contingency Plan: GOTWA

17) Salute Report

Tactics: Patrol Base Activities- Priorities of Work

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