All those in Federal Office, whether an elected seat or an appointed post need to be kicked out and sent home. Does that position seam extreme? I don’t believe so, and I’ll tell you why. Although we have know for some time, that those in positions of authority and power will abuse what they are entrusted with. We, as a People, have given a lot of leeway to them to get the job done.

Whether it’s an elected seat, occupied by someone selected by their State constituents to represent them in Federal Government, a Federal Court appointment, filled by an individual selected by a Federally elected official, or a bureaucrat, occupying a law enforcement/regulatory position and was also placed there by a Federally  elected official. They have all proven unworthy of the American Peoples trust.

At the Federal level, all of them need to go, period! I don’t care for your arguments about how Rand Paul is a real “Liberty-minded Patriot”, that Jim Jordan is a “True Conservative”, that Tulsi Gabbard is a “Freedom-minded Leftist” or Samuel Alito is a “Constructionist” Justice .

The bottom line is, that every one of them, from the House of Representatives, to the Senate, and most especially, the Supreme Court,  proved in this last election that none of them are representative of anything but propping up a Tyranny and a continuation of the abuse of the American Peoples trust.

The application of “Freedom” in our lives as Americans has become incompatible with the existence of those in the “Federal” government at all levels. Examples abound, but just to mention a few.

First, you have the highest Court that refused to hear a  multi-State lawsuit from the State of Texas, concerning Texas Voter disenfranchisement by those States for not following Constitutionally mandated guidelines. The original existence of the Supreme Court was specifically for settling disputes between States.

Second, before the sham of a second Impeachment against President Trump, there was the first Impeachment by the House of Representatives to cover up what China was doing TO THE WORLD, With it’s bio-weapon release of the COVID-19 virus.

I’m betting the only reason McConnell and his corrupt minions, on both sides of the aisle, didn’t even consider convicting President Trump the first time, was due to a concern of not getting a conviction, and those who voted for it on the Republican side would lose in the upcoming election.

The second Impeachment vote by the House of Representatives, denied showing any factual evidence (only accusations) of the charges against President Trump of inciting an Insurrection, and the Senate trial has shown to be the sham we all knew it would be. It has made up evidence, and outright accusations of the very things the democrats have been guilty of for the last four years.

McConnell is a greedy, corrupt politician, who has a vested, family interest in China doing well in this Country, considering who his Wife is in the Chinese hierarchy. If he sees a path to conviction in this impeachment, that doesn’t risk his garnering of more wealth in office on the backs of the Americans he’s supposed to be representing, he would take it. (Ironically, after writing and scheduling this for posting, I’ve learned that the Senate has “Acquitted” President Trump. The irony comes from the fact that it was a sham trial with the equivalent of the “Jury Foreman” acting as the “Judge” in said “Trial”.)

The percentage of sexual deviants, cowards and thieves in Congress is in the high nineties, hence the reason I say, “Send them all home.”. How many have left Congress infinitely richer than when they arrived there? That is one of the biggest “tells” and should have been a litmus test for continued service decades ago.

As an example of the corruption in the Law/Regulatory enforcement area, I give you the False-Flag Bureau of Instigation (FBI) and the Bureau of Authoritarianism, Tyranny, False-Flags and Exploitation (BATFE). One example for the FBI would be the Hunter Biden laptop.

They had the laptop in their possession since December of 2019. From what has been released, they knew it not only showed issues of multi-National (especially Chinese) corruption of “Prince” Hunter, but also of his Father, “King” Joseph (he was coronated, not inaugurated). It also showed serious sex crimes, being committed against against juveniles by the “Prince”.

Now to the BATFE (The old moniker was BATFags). They have played regulatory games with gun owners for decades. They don’t enforce law, they interpret and enforce that interpretation of regulations when convenient and per the corrupt Official pointing them in a direction.

The most recent example was the game they were playing, regarding the legality and regulation of AR pistol braces, and their “Interpretation” of that regulation when they believed Biden would be crowned “King”. They backed off briefly when the backlash was huge, but who knows what they’ll do now, especially when you know they are drooling over the thought of something like H.R.127 being put into “Law”.

You’ll notice I didn’t even bring up the Covid-19 Lockdown issues, or all the draconian controls that have been put in place because of Covid-19. The reason is because up till now, most of those measures have been done at the local or most likely, the State level. We can take care of issues like that ourselves, because they are in our backyard.

We should address those issues  because they truly are, OUR issues. The Feds have proven to the American People they are not worthy of respect, authority or quarter. As they’ve proven of late to tens of millions of President Trump supporting Americans, they sure as Hell will not give us any of that. In the end, we still get a “Vote” through “Extrajudicial means” if they want to impose a Communist Tyranny, and “hanging chads” won’t be the problem the have.


"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.



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