I, personally, think Napoleon Bonaparte was a great man.

The French Revolution had many, many major players.

Many were fed to the guillotine for one reason, or, another.

Radicals, Revolutionaries, and Reformers; None escaped it’s terrible teeth.

But one man really took it to another level.

Dying empires don’t always stay dead…

Just like when Napoleon drank a full dose of poisoned elixir and survived.




Let’s Start at the Beginning… 

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood

The French Revolution (90 Minutes)


LibriVox AudioBook (6 Hours) The reader slows down after the preface.

PBS Documentary Videos 1-4 (180 minutes)

Discovery HD (90 Minutes)

Epic TV “The Napoleonic Wars” (Excellent Graphics and Visuals)


Please, post any literary recommendations you have in the comments. Thanks.