This review comes by way of one of the students who traveled a LONG way to endure a cold, rainy and snowy RTO & Advanced RTO Course in the mountains of east Tennessee. We train in less than ideal conditions to push ourselves outside our comfort zone. If it was easy, everyone would do it. I’ve got a course coming up in Colorado in mid-March, one in Washington in May, and all three communications courses I teach in Wyoming in June. -NCS

Honestly, I barely even know where to begin… I was totally blown away by my experience in the RTO courses. I’ve never had any training course that was the totally perfect training experience, but really, this was it!

In every regard, the RTO courses knocked it out of the park: superb instruction, invaluably vital content (both the academic and practical portions), and great camaraderie and respect. There were no know-it-all’s or idiots; just honest, America-loving men of all stripes getting into gear to preserve our God-given rights.

Training is truly religion to me – any training I get into, I approach in a deadly serious, all-or-nothing fashion. Just like you said: FITT, or don’t bother. I intend to hit the ground running immediately and start building.

With training as religion, getting to and attending the RTO course was like a mini-pilgrimage for me. Despite the 11-hour car ride each way, having to take time off work, and being cut off from my family and my wife’s home cooking, the rewards were huge, and really beyond worth it!

Also, thanks to your patience and your laser-focused, conversation-at-the-kitchen-table style of instruction, together with your accessibility during the course and your strict approach to quality of instruction, I now know exactly how I’ll get started in this brand new, yet crucial area of technical skill!

I intend to hold my first workshop locally in the next few weeks, so that I can start transmitting this info to worthy folks for what’s coming down the line. I will now be the teacher, and I will dedicate myself to try to copy the example and high bar you just set for me.

On top of all that, I really enjoyed getting to know you on a personal level. After course hours, you were very accessible on a social level, and you seem just as comfortable in “bro” mode with your participants as you are in the role of the serious instructor.

So again, the course had it all: critical, practical, and actionable skills together with meeting people with whom I hope to be friends for life; I’ve already reached out to a bunch of RTO course participants. I’m sure I’ll remember this experience forever – best believe that! I will also make every effort to attend your future offerings.

I just want to take a moment to say again real quick that I gladly place my administrative and organizational abilities at your disposal. Please let me help you – I really believe in what you’re doing, and now that I know you personally, I’d like to help in whatever way I can.

Finally, I’ll get the class notes to you within the coming days. I have to plug back into my grind here, but I hope to have the final, edited notes that include all written, photo, and typed elements in the next 10 days or less. Part of that depends of how much snow falls in the next few days, since I am the one who does the snow removal on my rental properties… reality and all, eh? Also, if it’s ok, I’ll send my flash drive over to your PO Box this week to get the downloads we talked about, if that still works for you?

In any case, please accept my most heartfelt gratitude for making possible what has truly been one of my very best training experiences ever. I will honor your passion, beliefs, and your own deep commitment to training by dedicating myself to the RTO needs of my little corner of America here. Hope to talk to you again soon!

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