I purchased two pairs(4 count total) of these after the Kenosha Kid won in a stunning 2.5-0 upset.

They are made in the USA and are $135 a piece.

Veteran Owned and Operated.

They are a bit bulky, and a hair heavy, compared to the U.S. Military Ceramics but not by much. Curiously, they fill out most plate carriers nicely and make for a “well” fit package that I think wears nicely. Likely because of the built in Polyethylene “Trauma Pad”.

I posted a video below the link showing one plate taking a massive amount of damage.

The plate blocks a 30-06 AP black tip round.

Which is considerable.

Why did I buy these?

Because I can add them to a vehicle or use them as cover behind a window.

I added one to the back pocket on most tactical backpacks; And I can make a mobile bullet resistant shooting position.


RMA Level 4 Test. Same as linked above.