Flash hiders or flash suppressors are one of the many components that comprise the modern battle field rifle. Flash hiders function by dispersing the gas and remaining propellant exiting the muzzle in a circular pattern. An examination of the flash suppressor reveals that the slots cut into the device are at consistent, equal-distant intervals around the device’s circumference. It is this consistent pattern that distributes the gases and thus reduces the rifle’s signature by preventing the ignition of said gases.

Smith Vortex Flash Hider
The flash hider was originally designed to preserve the shooter’s vision at in low light conditions by preventing the blindness from the flash of the muzzle. However, this is a two way street. If the device reduces the muzzle flash for the shooter, it also reduces the flash for the individual on the opposite end of the device as well. The benefit being that it may be more difficult for the OPFOR to locate your position when you fire your rifle. Anyone who has taken one of NC Scouts’ carbine or scout courses can attest that not all flash hiders are created equal. The pictures and the video below illustrate the differences in the effectiveness of various flash hiders.