Originally appears on Badlands Fieldcraft. -NCS
I wrote in part 1 about my modified medium ALICE pack. It’s been a great field pack but eventually I need more capacity. Typically this is in the colder months when I need more clothes, food, and sleeping gear. Rather than go to a different pack I can add a few surplus accessories to get the extra room I need.
The materials I use to make this modification are as follows:

  • 2x 10” pieces of 1” webbing with a tri-glide and two female buckles
  • 2x MOLLE II lashing straps
  • 2x MOLLE II Sustainment pouches
  • 1x MOLLE II sleep system carrier

The first step is threading the two pieces of 1” webbing through the frame brace holes with the female buckle attached. This will come into play later and it’s easier to do this first.

Don’t mind the mud, I slipped on a recent outing.

Next I attach the sleep system carrier. To attach it I just remove the 2” buckles from the straps and pull the straps out of their loops. I then run these straps through the 2” webbing on the bottom of the pack and then around the inside of the frame brace.

Make sure to deburr the backside of the frame brace where the straps are routed.

I then reinsert them into the webbing loops on the carrier and put the 2” buckles back on and attach them to their other end. At this point I cinch it up as much as I can but I can still make it more secure.
Remember how my pack lid straps have fastex buckles? I attach one end of the lashing straps to the lid straps then run the lashing strap down through the 2” loops on the sleep system carrier, then finally to the female buckles I attached to the frame. This gives me a very good way to cinch down the sleep system carrier. I suck it up tight and tape up the extra webbing.

Next I attach the sustainment pouches to the sides of the pack. The MOLLE straps on these just happen to line up with the ALICE webbing on the sides of the pack.

After both sustainment pouches are attached I take my homemade compression strap and route it through the loop on the sustainment pouches and on the ALICE pouches.

That’s it. I basically doubled the capacity of my pack with a couple pouches and a sleep system carrier.