Since learning of the possibility of an event like a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) and Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP), around the age of 12, I have always been on the lookout for ways to mitigate their effects on my electronic gear. Those considered to be experts in the field will tell you they can’t guarantee they have covered everything involved in the effects of the real version these types of events. They also are the ones who have tested the gear for the military using simulators that repeat their projected effects on electronic equipment. You can bet that the research done for the Mil is geared towards survivability of the equipment for the Nation’s protection, not the huge profit margin, selling untested equipment to Civilians, might garner.
Having had some detailed training in this area while a Nuclear. Biological, Chemical Warfare Specialist in the Military, I have built some “Faraday Cages” to store my electronic gear in. Although I believe the items I’ve built will work as intended, three of the four items shown here, are far more convenient for portability and compactness, than anything I’ve built myself.
Mission Darkness “Dry Shield” Faraday Tote 15 Liter Waterproof Dry Bag

Mission Darkness Faraday fanny pack on the left, and the 15L dry bag on the right

This bag has multiple desired characteristics. First, it is a “Dry Bag”, which is always convenient to have in your ruck when out and about in the field. The second feature, and for this discussion the most important, is its ability to not only block an EMP/CME pulse, but to also be a way to transport electronics like a cell phone, without any signal being transmitted, whether the phone is off or not. This bag is very well built, and a durable piece of kit that has multiple purposes for anyone with electronics gear that they carry in the field.

15L dry bag with some items inside.

Mission Darkness “Free Roam” Faraday Belt Bag
While some might think it is silly to carry a fanny pack for any purpose. Anyone with any common sense realizes they fulfill a purpose whether it’s to carry a firearm concealed, a survival kit, or electronics like a radio or cell phone. This fanny pack can do all of the above (carrying a firearm in it would not be easily withdrawn), but it’s primary purpose for me would be to carry a cell phone in a manner which blocks any ability for its signal to compromise my location or worse yet, be used as a surreptitious listening device. The fact that it can also block the effects of an EMP/CME are just “Icing on the cake” as far as I’m concerned.

Fanny pack left and the 15L dry bag right after being closed and secured.

Disaster Preparer LLC “EMP Cloth”
I bought some of this cloth a couple years ago to have a convenient way to protect my electronic gear in the cases that they came in. I use it for my Night vision goggles, my FLIR thermal, and my radios if they are inside the cases, they are stored or carried in. It is easy to wrap the item up in the cloth in a manner that makes sure there is continuous coverage of the whole device. I do this after covering the device with bubble wrap to give a degree of standoff between the cloth and the device.

A folded over piece of EMP Cloth in the center of the pic. It is very light green in color.

EMP Shield “EMP & Lightning Protection for Vehicles (DC-12V-W)”
The last commercial EMP/CME protection I have bought is for my vehicles. The EMP Shield made for vehicles is small, easy to install and gives me a lot of peace of mind, regarding whether I will still have a functioning vehicle after an EMP or CME event. The one caveat I’d say is to make sure you purchase is extra 20Amp blade fuses (the older larger size) to replace in the system so you can continue to have protection and a working vehicle.

EMP Shield mounted in a vehicle.

With the exception of the EMP Cloth, none of these items are what would be considered cheap. That being said, if you have any concern for an EMP type attack, or a CME event, the peace of mind you have knowing your “Force Multiplier” gear such as Thermals, Night Vision and commo devices are protected for use after one of those SHTF events can not be understated. Also knowing you can get home after such an event, because your vehicle still works is definitely worth the almost $400 price tag.
“Parata Vivere”-Live Prepared.